Saturday, January 18, 2014

Last of the goods

Sadly this is the last bit of my wild rice soup.
I scraped the bottom of the pot yesterday and put the last little bit in this small bowl.
Then I hid it in the back of the fridge, lol.
Man it was good :)

I have been keeping up with my fitness :)
Look I did almost 53 minutes on the treadmill.
This is how my mind works…I did 2.75 miles, but if I would have gone another round I would have done an even 3 miles…but I still wouldn't have done a full 60 minutes.
So I told myself just let it go…let it go…so I did.
I'm so proud of myself ;)
Now if you look at this photo it is ironic that there is a Toblerone chocolate on my treadmill.
I didn't eat it honestly.
I use is as a prop for my iPad, so I can watch videos as I walk…really I do.

Now seriously are people trying to dive me insane.
Can you see what is wrong with this container?

There… much better, teehee.
I don't have OCD, I may have a few OCD tendencies.
But I wouldn't never belittle this illness by saying that I have it.

Wayne wanted me to share with you what the blood suckers at the clinic did to him.
Poor baby :(

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. The safe place in my fridge is the vegetable crisper behind the broccoli or cauliflower. I must get the ingredients and try this recipe. OCD is in all of us to a certain extent. Putting pressure on the spot longer sometimes helps..

  2. Glad you enjoyed the rest of your soup. I thought maybe the chocolate was there as an incentive :). Poor Wayne, that looks pretty nasty!

  3. Lol I don't have OCD either but I am still crazy (a little) when some things are crooked or out of order...and poor Wayne :(

  4. You deserved the last of the soup as you did so much on the treadmill.

  5. Just wondering if you shared your wild rice soup recipe yet and if not, are you going to?
    Just saying............:)

  6. I din't like crooked things either!

    Poor Wayne...that looks sore.

    You have been a oggd giro with the excercise...well done!

  7. Good for you! For walking that much and for resisting the candy :-) Ouch! What a bad bruise.

  8. Oh, ouch for Wayne! Good for you doing an hour! I was doing 30 minutes, but changed it to distance 3.5 km. my fastest was 32 minutes. Yesterday was my slowest, taking over 40. :0(. Today was a boot camp day. I actually love those because it is right after work, so I am done before home! I always have sore muscles, so I know I worked my muscles hard! :0)

  9. Poor Wayne, the bruise looks pretty bad :( your soup looks yummy though! And, yes, the off-kilter label would definitely bother me lol. I'd have to peel it up and re-stick it just so ;) same with cabinet or closet doors that are left one door open or slightly ajar. I know, I'm weird like that :)

  10. Ouch! I hope Wayne's arm is better!

    That label would drive me crazy! I just realized that one cabinet door in the house is slightly below the other. So slight that my husband, the real estate agent and the inspector didn't see it. Yep...its making me itch just thinking about it right now!

    That is awesome that you did so much on the treadmill!


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