Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Needed more Wild Rice Soup :)

I couldn't help myself.
I needed to make another batch of soup.
Last time we only have enough for one family supper and a bowl for each Wayne and I for lunch.
This time I made a double batch.
But with making a double batch, it didn't fit in my original pot. So when I added the rue with milk…it almost overflowed. So I had to pour it into this larger pot.
Let me just say…..it was a bit messy ;(
But on a happy note, Ashley came by for supper tonight :)

I did my time on the treadmill this morning and then was going to jump in the shower.
But I dragged my arse, so told Kristy that I will take her boyfriend's house, as I didn't have to leave the vehicle. I let Kristy do the driving on the way there.
As I drove past Lowery's (our local office supply store) I remembered that I didn't have a monthly calendar for my planner. So without thinking….I went into the store.
So if you seen me in the store, thank you for pretending you didn't as I looked so bad, lol.

Don't you hate when the slush builds up on your wheel wells and then freezes in there.
I am always worried that my tire will get caught in here when I turn.
I can't tell you how much I kicked this to get it off my jeep. That was a work out in itself.
Maybe it was good that I didn't take a shower before I left, teehee.

Fighting a bit of a migraine tonight :(
I was hoping to put my new pages into my planner….guess thats a job for tomorrow :)

Tracy :)


  1. More yummy stuff. I had a headache too! Hope yours leaves quickly.

  2. Hope the migraine does not get worse. :0(
    Made a chicken taco soup tonight- inspired by a friend and the family liked it! I think that I will have to try your wild rice soup, I am looking for some new family favorites! :0)

  3. Ohhh...I remember the frozen chucks of ice built up in the wheel wells...We used to live in Sparwood and Elkford, BC. Could get to -40 or even -45 one winter...Yep...lots of frozen ice!

    Hope you fight off the migraine!

  4. The soup looks yummy. When I got out looking not so good I seem to see everyone I now. But when I looking good I see nobody. Hope you feel better soon. :)

  5. the soup looks really yummy, i saved the recipe and will try it too. Since I don't have a soup pot I better not double it lol. I hope this morning your migraine is gone.

  6. oh that soup looks delightful!!! can i come over for dinner?

  7. That soup looks delicious...I should try the recipe sometime :)

  8. Yum, more soup! I hate when the slush does that too. I'm glad you got a new monthly calendar for your planner!! Hope you got rid of your migraine...

  9. That soup looks yummy!

    I HATE when slush does that! I'm glad you got rid of it before it got dangerous.

    Yay for getting new planner pages! I always get nervous when I get upset/look bad in a store that someone will see me and recognize me! (like when I was so overwhelmed at work that I cried in Target because I couldn't find the soup I wanted for dinner - was so worried a student or parent saw me!)


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