Thursday, January 2, 2014

Packed up until next Year

Today was spent putting the Christmas Tree and all the decorations away.
Not a fun task and I needed a nap after I was done…but gave the house a good vacuuming of all the little faux needles and now back to real life ;)
I think this is the earliest I have ever taken my tree down…but then again I don't put it up until the 12th of December

I won't even think of putting away the outdoor decorations until it warms up a bit.
It was -51F here the other day….I don't need to get frost bite while taking them down ;)

About 10 yrs ago, I permanently attached my lights to my tree with zip ties.
It was at the time the new pre-lit or pre-strung trees came out.
I don't care to string lights (as I am sure many don't) so I went to take a closer look at these trees in the store, and figured out how to permanently string my lights…..and haven't looked back.
Did a video to share how I did it :)

I was hoping to work on my December Daily today.
I feel like I am behind this year and the year has just started.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. We were on the same task! My living room is so bare now. Don't fret, I have not done my Dec. memory album either. I need to get my photos printed. A good hibernation project for Jan. Brrrr.... It is cold there. Coming here this weekend.

  2. My tree is still up, I didn't get mine up until Dec 22, I will have to look at your video when it doesn't conflict with the T.V. I usually leave it up until Jan. 7 I like to celebrate the Ukrainian Christmas, actually I have year end bookwork for an organization that has a deadline of the 7th lol.

  3. Our few, little decorations will come down this weekend, and I know the house will look a little barer. Maybe I can craft something to replace them... ;)

  4. I had all my decorations down and cleaned up on the 26th! LOL!! I have the deocrations up for over a month and I just get so tired of it. I love getting my house back in order!!

  5. What a great idea to zip tie your lights! Did you say 400 lights? I like the black zip ties, that way they don't show :). I thought this seemed early for you to be taking your tree down. Don't think you're behind, you've not been feeling well, you'll up!! Make a list on your new planner pages!!

  6. Mine were all packed up on the 28th. But outside is waiting for all this snow to stop...and perhaps warm up! Feels so good when everything is cleaned up and organized.

  7. Ours will be taken down next Monday. The girls will be back to school, so the ideal time to just get it done. Love the idea about the tree! Have a great weekend.

  8. Thanks for the video! Glad you got everything taken down and cleaned up and onward ho to the usual schedule:)


  9. Your tree is beautiful. Awesome tip on attaching the lights permanently to the tree. What a fiasco it is to untangle the light strings every year. Yikes! -51 degrees outside?! That is beyond cold, that is brutal!

    Glad you are feeling a little better each day. Soon you will be back to your self. You are amazing....getting your tree and decorations down and put away even though you feel rotten.

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  10. Oh my goodness! What a great idea for the lights!!!

    I love how you put the lights all the way into the tree, and used so many. It makes your tree so gorgeous and bright!

  11. Wow! I remember hearing about the extreme temps out your way around New Years!


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