Friday, January 24, 2014

Playing with papers

Tonight during Friday Night Scrapbooking (which I thought no one was coming to) Myra was going through her papers and wanting to get rid of so much of it.
Now if you know me, I have a bit of anxiety of anyone getting rid of papers ….and most things to do with creating.
Myra was going to throw away a whole paper pack!
I told her to donate it.
She didn't think anyone would want it.
So I took her paper and made a layout for her.

I have to tell you it was so much fun.
No pressure.
Usually it takes me hours, if not days to make a 2 page layout. I critique everything.
This one was so fast and fun.
One - it wasn't for me.
Two - there were no photos to match the papers to.
Three - She was going to get rid of the papers anyway, so if I screwed up it didn't matter.
I isn't my best layout by far…..but it was fun :)

Myra has one of these Fiskar paper trimmers with the wire.
She couldn't figure out why her paper was rough and tearing.
I remember reading on 2peas about this so I figured out what the problem was.
What we did was just cut the wire off. Hope it works better for her when she replaces the blade, so she doesn't throw it away.

Wayne took today off of work today.
He wanted to find a new end table, as I broke ours a couple of years ago when I stood on it to dust the floor lamp.
Word of advice…don't stand on a pedestal table that has a mirror top, to dust. You will stand on the edge and tip the table and fall in-between the table and couch and have trouble getting up.

Oh yes back to the shopping story.
We did find a nice solid wooden end table. I think I can even stand on it to dust the lamp :)
While we were at the store, Wayne noticed a very large dining table.
He thought it would be perfect for my crafting friends as it is big enough to hold 8 people.
I guess he really doesn't want me to cover his pool table.
We had to come back home to measure our dining room to make sure it will fit as our room isn't that big.
It does fit, so we ordered it.
I guess he enjoys listening to my friends and my complaining, laughter and chatter :)

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Good advice about the end table!! :) Enjoy your new scrapping table!

  2. I don't stand on anything anymore, WTG with the new table. and the layout is lovely,

  3. Cant believe I had to miss another one -
    My son is playing Hockey in town this week-end

    the last three I was busy and the nights I was free that dang cold you guys had got in the way

    one week till we scrap for heart or scrap out hearts out

    See you soon....

  4. The table sounds like a good idea. I love getting new furniture, how can your friend throw good paper away I keep the smallest pieces of paper as one day I am need it. :)

  5. Tell Myra Fiskars will replace thar defective part of the trimmer for free. You just have to send them an E mail with a photo of the defective part. They are guaranteed for life. I know, as this just happened to me!

  6. Nice layout, and thanks for the tip, have fun creating at your new table with friends! :)

  7. Oh that is a nice layout! Certainly nothing to throw away. I'm a tosser, but I'll admit to having paper from back when my 16 year old was one year old. It's not like it takes up a lot of space and it's so useful for school projects, any old thing.

    1. I can't get on your says it is no longer available :(

  8. Oo, exciting to get a new table! Have your friend contact Fiskars, they will send a replacement part!the page looks great! Hope she was inspired!

  9. That's cool you made the layout with no pressure! I had heard that too about the trimmer and I think that's the same trimmer I have shi I'm filing it away in case that happens to mine. Too funny about the table. You would have stood on it in the store and tested it out ;). I'm kind of disappointed about the pool table. Lol!

  10. That is super super exciting about the dining room table!!!

    I really like the layout that you made. Isn't it funny how much easier it is when there is no pressure!

  11. Your hubby is a treasure - buying a new dining table just for your scrap book friends :-)


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