Friday, January 3, 2014

Top 10 Projects for 2013…and a video

I put together 10..okay 11 of some of my favourite projects from 2013 :)
Funny how I didn't think I did much until I actually looked through all my projects :)
So lets get started….

Number 11
My 3 December Daily's that I made for each of my daughters.
This gives me hope that I will finish the one album I am working on now ;)

Number 10
My monthly tags.
I am not sure which one of the monthly tags is my favourite from all the the Tim Holtz's monthly tag challenges.
I am planning on following along again this year..but creating them before month end ;)

Number 9
My planner.
I really did enjoy decorating up my planner pages and even colouring some images to put inside.
I slacked off as the year went along…but this year I am going to worry less about the pages being perfect and use it more.

Number 8
Tracy's Tags :)
I love making these tags and I really love the look of this one.
I made this for a specific person….I still have it, tsk tsk.

Number 7
Another Tracy's Tag.
This one is special, as Graphic 45 actually commented on this one ;)
I actually mailed this out to the recipient ;)

Number 6
Katie's Tag.
I made this tag as a wedding card for Katie.
I really enjoyed creating this to tailor it to Katie's wedding colours.

Number 5
I enjoy altering everyday objects, just to put a smile on my face when I look at them.
This is a stamp cleaner pad. I like this so much, I wanted to keep it, teehee.
But this went out in the mail and my friend really loved it :)

Number 4
One of my books I made.
The inside papers are pattern papers and the outside cover is just chipboard.
I love colouring up these Prima girls.

Number 3
Another "Everything" book.
I like how I pieced together the strips of paper to make a frame.
I also love these gorjuss girls stamps. I added butterfly wings behind this image, she is just so adorable.
Now to actually use these books ;)

Number 2
I have made so many cards this year.
I have really enjoyed colouring and being on design teams this year.
Now to just mail out some of these cards so I can restock and make more :)

Number 1
My favourite of all my projects from 2013….
The mantel I made for my daughter Ashley's new home.
She had this idea even before she started looking for a house.
I was intimidated at first to get started.
But I am so happy that Ashely had such confidence in me :)
I love how it turned out :)

It was actually hard to pick my top 10 projects.
So I made a video of all or most of my projects from this year.
Enjoy the show and I hope you all had a wonderful, creative Friday :)


  1. I just watched your video. I think you're just great at colouring. They all look fantastic.
    Have a Happy Blessed 2014

  2. Great choices and awesome graphic 45 left some love. I really need to do a list too. I've enjoyed seeing some blogs do this.

  3. It is great to go back and see what one has created throughout the year. You made a lot of beautiful cool projects!

  4. Great projects, Tracy!
    So cool that you got not one but three DDs done.
    And I think Katie's wedding tag is my favorite :)

  5. Wonderful projects, I'm sure it's a good feeling to struggle to select your favorites! :) Your coloring is amazing and that planner is too cute!

  6. That's a great collection Tracy. You've really made me want some of those Prima Dolls.

  7. I feel the same way as you when I think about looking back at the creations of the past year- and then have the same reaction of "hey- neat! can't believe I did all that!" Thanks for sharing your year with all of us!!!

  8. Wow Tracy

    you may need to hold a local blog coarse for a few of us .....
    NOT joking..
    I thought I was good just getting a month of Blogs in .....
    You amaze this girl ...

  9. These are awesome, I miss seeing you do mini albums too.

  10. What great projects from 2013! I love that you picked Ashley's mantle as your number one :) I'm really bad about sending out cards and things to people after I made them. I need to be better about that.

  11. Gorgeous creations - my faves are your Tracy's Tags :-) What do you have in store for us this year?! TFS

  12. Your video has been inspirational! The things you accomplished in 2013. Truly awesome beginning to 2014. You are one amazing and accomplished crafter. The mantle you made for your daughter is the best I've ever seen. I love your creativity.

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  13. I love seeing all of your projects throughout the year! It is so cool. I think my favorite is the wedding tag - but I might be a little biased ;)

  14. Finally got to see the video, awesome projects I wouldn't be able to pick a favourite. thanks for sharing your year

  15. What a crafty year you had in 2013 - lots of favorites to be had there. Looking forward to much more in 14.

  16. I love the wings added behind the Gorjuss girl!


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