Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Colour Swatch and a Night out with Friends

I put together my Coloured Pencil colour swatch.
I stamped the frames last week and coloured them all in today.
I used Gamsol to smooth and shade the pencil lines.
All those pretty colours just make me smile :)

Here is something else that makes me smile…my friends.
We started this tradition last year. We go out for dinner and then a movie to celebrate our birthdays.
It was Lynne's birthday last month and we finally got out to celebrate it :)
I am on the left, Lynne is in the back, Sharon on the right, and Denise is in the front :)

Lynne wanted to go out for Chinese food.
The lovely ladies who served us, noticed the gift bag, so sang Happy Birthday to Lynne (which they called Lamb chop) with a egg roll with a candle stuck in it.

Here is my fortune :)
We purchased a lottery ticket and marked down all of our fortune's lucky numbers on it.
The draw is tomorrow, here is hoping we win big ;)

This is the movie we went to see.
There were some funny parts to it.
I keep threatening that when it is my birthday, I am going to pick a scary movie, lol.
None of my friends like scary movies ;)

So my healthy eating didn't go very well tonight. I only ate until I was comfortable, but Lynne did make me eat a few pieces of liquorice ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful and creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I think that all those colours are pretty too. Sounds like a fun evening of food and fun and frolic. Interesting fortune. Hope you are the lucky winner!!!!!

  2. To much fun .....
    Can't wait to see you guys this week end ....

  3. Yum, I love Chinese! Kinda like Jason Bateman as well.😉

  4. Your color chart looks great, Tracy! What a fun tradition for your girls, am sure it was a great time! :)

  5. That colour chart is beautiful. How could you be good in a Chinese Restaurant? Fun tradition for you girls it sounds like you have fun.

  6. Your chart is a work of art. And a great idea too.

  7. Those colors on your chart look gorgeous!

    I love your birthday tradition! That is fun that they sang to Lynne too. I hope you win the lottery! That would be so so cool!

  8. The colour chart looks beautiful. Glad you all had a good night out :)

  9. Colour chart looks wonderful...i think it is a great idea.
    The birthday tradition sounds great too!

  10. Those colors make me smile too :) I think it's hilarious they brought her an egg roll with a candle in it!

  11. Love the idea of the colour swatch! Hope you had a fabulous night out!


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