Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My first ATC

This is my first ATC ever!!
I am happy with how it turned out. 
You may be wondering what is an ATC?
It is an Artists Trading Card. Now I have never claimed to be an artist, but these are a fun way to use out artistic supplies ;)
What they are meant for, is for artists to create on these tiny 3.5 x 2.5 inch cards and trade with each other...no selling 
I am in a one on one swap and we decided on a Spring theme. As you can see my ATC is far from Spring. 
I was trying out my Dylusions ink sprays. Didn't know there were such a deep colour. 
Her were my plans for this ATC....funny how once I sprayed the card, how my direction totally changed.
This one I am going to keep :)
One of the reasons I decided to make ATCs was to play around with my art supplies on a smaller canvas. This way if I really hate how it turns out, it's bit like I spent a lot of time or product on them. 
But mostly to use my art supplies :) 

We are having trouble with our Internet supplier. Actually everyone in my city is. I had heard it was even on the news. So I am not sure how much blog visiting I will get done tonight. 
I am blogging from my phone on 3G right now.

I hope you all have had a creative day :)



  1. Pretty ATC. Sometimes I start with a project and it sure doesn't end up like I initially planned. Good luck with your internet.

  2. Cute! I love making ATC's. I am on several sites for swapping them. My latest obsession are JAMs.

  3. I love it! The colours look great together. I hope you do lots more :)

  4. oooh this is so cool
    love the deep colors

  5. Great ATC, love the colours. I have never used dylusions sprays as there are so many you just can't pick one.

  6. Your card is really pretty, Tracy! When you mentioned ATC the other day, I had to Google it. :P
    So glad you liked Jana's blog and thanks for reading my response to her interview! :)

  7. I think it turned out great for your first card!! Hope the internet issues get fixed, hate when that stuff goes crazy.

  8. Love this ATC - love the fabulous colours. Hope you get your internet sorted soon!

  9. That`s so Cool....
    I could see you doing those at camp of on a trip .

  10. Oh :o That's so pretty and creative!! Mine is more spring-y though :P >.<

  11. This ATC is so pretty! I really like the colors.

    I hope your internet issues were sorted out.


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