Friday, April 18, 2014

A Gift from the Heart

Just a quick post today as I have had a busy day spending time with my family :)
Last night I had Scrapbooking Night and was so excited that my friend Lesli gave me a gift :)
I was so touched that she had seen this drinking coolie and thought of me :)
Isn't this perfect for me.
Thank you again Lesli, you don't know how much you have touched me heart with your thoughtful gift :)

We had our turkey dinner tonight. Yeah no cooking for me all weekend :)
Just Wayne, my girls and their boyfriends :)
As the food cooked, we played a fun game…as Wayne snuck away to peel some potatoes.
During dinner I had mentioned to Ashley that I wanted to put an all day crop together for National Scrapbooking Day.
So my go-getter daughters put the boys to work and helped move around the rec-room to see if we could get the area to work for my plans :)
Ashley has a way about her that everyone just does what she says….so I went upstairs to put the rest of the dinner away and she supervised, teehee.
There is a bit more to do, but I think it may just work :)

I hope you all  had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cute gift, very thoughtful of Leslie. Nice not to have to cook. This year we are not getting together sad but I just didn't have time to get everything ready. Great idea for National Scrapbooking day, One card done, one ready to put together, one is coloured, and the last one I'm still thinking about it.

  2. That gift us so you! So very nice of your friend! What a great idea to get together with all your friends for National Scrapbook Day! I will be at a nursing conference in the morning and driving home in the afternoon. No scrapping for me!

  3. Very thoughtful of your friend to give you a gift. National Scrapbooking Day I will be at an all weekend scrapbooking event.

  4. How perfect for you! Have fun with your all-day scrap fest!

  5. It's a lovely thoughtful gift! Enjoy your turkey. We are doing roast lamb dinner tomorrow, for us and some friends :-) Happy Easter

  6. That was so sweet of Lesli :) Glad you're enjoying your cook free weekend! An all day crop, at your house, sounds like so much fun!

  7. He hE Tracy you are so Cute & Sweet ....
    So glad you likes it....
    Was going to put ice in it but wanted to get to your place ...
    Thaks to you & the girls for inviting me into your little group -
    you have all made me feel like one of the gang ....

    and scrapping and a play day... !!!!! ....
    may have to bribe the kids to watch the 4yr ... LOL

  8. That is a really cool drink bottle!

    An all day crop sounds AWESOME! What a cool idea!


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