Saturday, April 5, 2014

Colouring, shopping and something new

I coloured a bit today with my Copics.
I tried a different type of paper, I usually use XPress It paper.
I didn't like this paper as it seemed to bleed more than it did blend.
I am going to put this LaLa Land image on a card.

I keep telling myself that I am going to enter more card challenges, but have only entered one and I think that was last year, lol.
If you know of any fun card sketch challenges I would love for you to share them with me :)

Early this morning Wayne wanted to go out and do some running around.
He also wanted to go to Michaels…..more on that in another post ;)
But who was I to not tag along to the only craft store in town ;)
They had these containers on for $3.99 each. I grabbed 2, not sure what I am going to use them for yet, but they come in handy :)

Later on in the day, I went onto the 2Peas message board and someone had posted that there are inserts for these containers.
I have had these types of containers for years and didn't know there were inserts for them.
I have even seen these inserts and just figured they were for something else.
So off to Michaels we went again to look for the inserts.
They had one.
It was on sale for $4.99 regular $9.99

One of the neat things about these inserts is that they have tabs that you can move around to customize the size of the cubbies.
I think I will keep my die cuts in here.
I opened up my Heidi  Swapp ephemera and there is no way these pieces are going back in their packaging, so I dumped them in here and I can go through them easier.
I am not keeping the ink or the veneer pieces in here, I just put them in here to show the compartments.

While we were out and about, we stopped at Canadian Tire for a hotdog :)
I am not a big hot dog eater.
Actually I had stopped eating hotdogs for over 5 yrs, as I had watched a show on how they were made.
Then one day we went to Canadian Tire and I was starving. So we grabbed a hotdog from the outside hotdog vender…oh my goodness, it tasted so good.
But I still haven't had a hot dog from anywhere other than CT :)

When Wayne and I went out the second time, we stopped off at Burger King for a milkshake…but I figured you didn't need another photo of that, lol.
Monday we are resuming our healthy eating. Since we were away last weekend and ate in restaurants we knew we were going to eat bad and haven't stopped since then, lol.

I hope you all had a wonderful and creative Saturday.
Wayne and I are going to watch Night of the Comet before we hit the hay….do you remember that 80's movie ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Your coloring is lovely. And I will warn you that those Iris boxes are likely to multiple once you bring them into your house. I've not seen those dividers yet - they look nifty.

  2. Oops, that's multiply, not multiple.

  3. I have to say I've never had a hot dog from CT. I also saw the comment on 2 peas about those containers. I haven't seen the dividers, but I don't hang out much at michaels.

  4. Cute image and beautifully coloured. great containers too. I'm not a Michaels shopper much but got a GC for my b'day. so armed with coupons I'll get there one day. Finished two cards today, working on the third. it was taking too much brain power to finish it. there is always tomorrow.

  5. Hi Tracy

    It is sure interesting how some bledd more than others. I have just bought the express and am not sure which side to colour on. There is one side that seems to have more sheen than the other. Is that the side to colour on?

    I think a great challnene is Simon Says Stamp as they have a $50.00 gift certificate every week and they have a Monday and a Wednesday challenge. Two chances for fifty bucks every week!

  6. I believe that a bi-weekly junk food binge is important for the soul. Those containers are super handy. I was so curious about your enamel dot thing I searched it and I made some - they turned out awesome. Love your colouring - always!

  7. Image looks great, the colouring is fantastic. And that hotdog made my mouth water yummy. :)

  8. Your La La Land image looks fabulous. I too never new they did inserts for those boxes. Hmmmm, I feel a visit to Michaels in my future today :-) Have a great Sunday.

  9. Cute image and great coloring. I never knew there were inserts for those containers. Guess I will have to go to Michaels and get some.

  10. Can't direct you to any card challenges, but she's a cutie!

  11. The only card sketch challenge I can think of is at They have the challenges on the home page and I think the sketch one is on Wednesday. It's been ages since I did one, too. I have one of those boxes. I use it for my mixed media materials like rubons, dress patterns, some books papers and stuff. It travels well.Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  12. So the container was 3.99 and the insert was 4.99? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Lol! Maybe Canadian Tire hot dogs are made different ;) I've never heard of that comet movie...

  13. liebe tracy, ich danke dir ganz herzlich für deinen besuch....deine bastelbehälter gefallen mir sehr und ich finde sie auch sehr praktisch.....süss hast du das mauslein coloriert....einen schönen sonntag wünsche ich dir....
    ganz liebe grüsse

  14. Wow, really beautiful coloring on that La La Land image. Love the containers! :)

  15. Your colouring on that cute image is great!
    The containers look like they would be handy when I'm putting a class project together---place for all the do-dads. Would the paper fit on top or do the inserts come to the top of the container?

  16. I love these, but they do not fit on the Ikea expedit shelves. 😞

  17. I love those containers! I had no idea they had inserts!!! I need to go to Michaels ASAP and look for them now!


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