Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Colouring with Pencils..No Joke ;)

It is my friend Lynne's birthday.
Actually it was last Friday, but I wasn't here.
So I altered this $1.00 kraft gift bag to put her gift in.
I stamped the butterflies on the background and then added designer paper, some flowers, butterflies and my image I coloured up with my new coloured pencils :)

This is the first time I have tried using coloured pencils and gamsol.
If you know me, then you know that when I try something creative, I go all out.
I want to use what I make, even if it for practice.
So not knowing what I was doing, I coloured her face…it looks a bit on the yellow side for the shaded areas, but all in all, I think it is usable.

For her hair, I used only 2 colours of brown.
I left some areas uncoloured as that would act as yet another colour or a deeper highlight.
I then blended it all with my Gamsol and blending stump.

Then I went on to the other parts of the image.
Not to bad if I say so myself ;)
If any of you pro's out there have any tips for me, I would love to hear them :)

Here is a close up of the finished image on the bag.

I know most use Prismacolor pencils, but the artist at Blick's told me she preferred the Blick's brand of pencils.
I had a bit of a dilemma when choosing which brand, as I know I could find beautiful colour combinations on YouTube, where if I bought the Blicks brand I would have to figure out on my own, which colours would work good together.
So, I asked to try both brands. I found the Blicks brand to be more smooth when I coloured with them.
The price was quite a bit cheaper as well, but the deciding factor was the smoothness of them.

To help me decipher the coloured pencil colours, I am planning on making a colour chart.
I don't usually do this, I just normally wing it.
But I thought I would with these coloured pencils.
I made a grid on the type of paper that I will been using for the pencils and then I stamped this open image on the grid.
I will add the colours as I go along. This way I don't have to clean my blending stumps after each colour as I would be using them for whichever image I am colouring at the time.
I think I will be copying this chart as it took a few tries to get this perfect and without smears, lol.

Onto My Day:
Ashley had an appointment early this morning and wanted me to come with her.
We had a storm last night, and her jeep doors and windows were frozen. She had to pour hot water on the windows for them to thaw out.
When I went to open the door, the handle (and the whole door) was so frozen, Ashley had to open it from the inside.
When I got home, I stayed in the rest of the day.
Tomorrow is suppose to be more of the same….sadly, this isn't an April fools joke :(

I hope you all had a very creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your colored image looks great. Don't even want to see that picture with snow! Enough, I say!!!!

  2. Love your little bag. Aren't we all just dreaming of something other than white. I have the prismacolor

  3. What a pretty bag. The image is great and the DP is so pretty!
    Wow...that looks cold. I used to live where we got weather like that. I don't miss the snow but i do miss the beautiful blue skies we had all winter long! somehow it made it more bearable.

  4. That bag is great, the image is so cute and the colouring just perfect you did a great job. Sorry but that snow looks great. :)

  5. WOW! your bag is beautiful! Great job on the coloring

  6. Tracy, your coloring and blending looks great! I have the Prismacolors. Wishing you warmer weather soon! 🌞

  7. That bag looks fabulous! Beautiful coloring. Glad you got to try out the pencils. Oh, I hope it warms up. It is time for spring!

  8. I think you are a natural at the gamsol technique. Your colouring is beautiful and shading is great. I have prismacolour pencils, Koh-i-noor, and Design from bruynzeel-sakura.(these have nice browns for house mouse) Spring has finally sprung here it was 14 yesterday.

  9. Wow, Tracy, just wow! You're gonna make me want to buy supplies and try my hand at coloring! Don't know if that's typical weather for your area, but ugh either way.

  10. girl you can totally rock the pencils!!!!! awesome. i might have to break mine out again.
    totally awesome

  11. Beautiful job!!! Cannot believe this was your first try :) I have the Prismacolors and my only complaint is when I go to sharpen them. The tips break so easily. I even bought the special Prismacolor sharpener. That snow picture is not fun. We're getting thunderstorms here right now and hail.

  12. Oh no! I just left a comment and then it disappeared!

    I really love your coloring on that image. It is fabulous! And I like the idea of the color chart too - that will be really helpful.

    I hope it warms up and the snow goes away soon!

  13. Such a pretty bag!
    And that snow! Yikes. No snow here but lots of thunderstorms today. I will take it over snow though I guess :)

  14. Well there you go, even your pencil colouring is fantastic! Awesome colours! Snow go away!

  15. Wow, you're very good with the colouring!! But snow??! :o Doesn't your weather know that it's spring now?? :s

    Oh, and I sent you an email about the ATC's to the address in your profile, hope you got it :)

  16. Wah on more snow.😭wow, amazing that was with the pencils! Awesome job! Good to know about the feel of the pencils as I wonder about getting some for my middle dd who loves to draw (well, both girls do, lol).


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