Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Found some goodies this time around ;)

I had a great day today.
Went out for lunch with my friend/SIL Sharon and my daughters.
We went to Montana's for lunch….I think they majorly upped their prices, because lunch was very expensive…I ever re-tallied the bill.

So to ease my pain of the bill, we when to Michael's ;)
Remember I was there the other day and left empty handed?
Well I made up for it today :)
Some of the Heidi Swapp products were 70% off.
What I did notice was Recollections has a whole new line out that looks very much like the Heidi Swapp products.
I picked up some of the Recollections spray to see how it is.
I have also noticed that there are a lot of Recollections products that are mimicking other brands, hmmm.

I am tackling another room on our house.
It isn't an actual room, but an area behind our water heater and furnace.
I used to store all the business papers, tickets and supplies in here. But since selling the company, I don't need to use it for that anymore.
It has actually turned into a storage area…..that nothing is stored very well, lol.
I am planning on turning it into an area for my sewing and wrapping gift area.

One thing I have learned while working in this area is
1. I don't use gift bags. I save them when we get a gift, but I seem to like to wrap my gifts or decorate my own gift bags.
This tote is full of gift bags….I will be donating many of them to Ashley and my SIL, who I am sure we received them from ;)
2. I love paper and office supplies.
I can not allow myself to purchase one more note book, note pad or writing paper.
Every time I turned around, I found another stack of note pads, lol.
I am hoping to finish this area tomorrow.

I hope you all had a very creative Wednesday :)
Internet is still off today :(

Tracy :)


  1. Glad you found a few goodies today! Don't you love how we are always attracted to certain things!

  2. I have a drawer of bags in my laundry room -
    I do use them for all the birthdays the kids go to -
    but here is the kicker -
    I have a bunch in there I wont use cause -
    they are `special` for one reason or another -
    so in the drawer they stay till
    I look at them and sort through them ..
    Brutal i know!!
    I have bags - you have notepads - could be worse!

  3. Lol, I have a stash of pretty notepads, etc. yet, can I find paper to take messages? Uh, no. :0(
    Lucky you on the Heidi Swapp! Funny, I noticed the similarities of Recollections to other companies as well....

  4. Who can not resist notebooks and office supplies. Perhaps you should make that area your notebook storage lol :)

  5. i love office supplies as well. i get so excited in august to buy my new school supplies for the school year LOL!
    sounds like a really fun day

  6. Awesome goodies you found at Michaels. Bags- Oh My do I have bags stored in a closet. I really need to get in there and clean them out.

  7. I to have a box of bags, I use them for "stockings" at Christmas, I added names to the bags and when they tear I just repurpose another. I need a huge clean up in my spare room so I can reorganize the computer/craft room for when I pick up my new tower. I will have to look for the Recollections things at Michaels, we now have one a little closer to me.

  8. Glad you found some fun things, Tracy! I picked up 4 of the Heidi Swapp ink pads on discount, couldn't believe how cheap they were and I really like them. Have fun organizing! :)

  9. Love the crocheted flowers! Will be interested to hear about those sprays!! Do you think the Michaels foam dots hold well? That stinks about the lunch bill. Our grocery bill has sure gone up!

  10. Enjoy your finds. Recollections does copycats of lots of lines. In fact, I wonder if Zing makes their embossing powder. I did notice a huge selection of Heidi stuff in the store last week - but I came home with just the supplies I needed for a non-scrappy project.

  11. Lol, I have a big bag full of gift bags that I never use, and on the rare occasion I do use one, I some how end up taking it with me back home! :s

    I can't imagine how it would feel to not buy more notebooks, I hope you no-buy notebooks is over quickly :D

    I also hope your internet is back soon :)

  12. Great goodies! I have tons and tons of gift bags...and who can blame you for having a pile of notebooks? I can't get enough of them! :)

  13. I have a big box of gift bags in my basement too - always forget about them and only use them once in while LOL! I am really pleased to say my little order of Copic's is already on its way :-)

  14. You know, I've noticed that about the Recollections papers too. Of course, it doesn't stop me from buying them, since they are often less expensive and on sale!

    You are awesome at organizing. We have a lot of extra gift bags too. Yet I always seem to buy a new one when I'm giving a gift. Although, I rarely use bags, I prefer to wrap, even if it is funny shaped. I like opening wrapping better!


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