Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heather….my Artist

Today was spent working on organizing Heather's closet.
Now my Heather is uber organized…so much so that it is obsessive.
But she didn't want her dresser in her closet anymore.
So we moved it out.

Then we got side tracked with looking at her art work….which I may say should be framed.
We have a few of her pieces framed, but they are all so stunning.
I know I am a proud mama, but her art is amazing.
I wish she would keep it up, but hasn't drawn since finishing school.

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday.
I didn't get to be creative today as my eyes are burning. I get extremely dry eyes some days and today was one of them :(

Tracy :)


  1. Wow, Tracy- I thought it was a photograph of a statue! Fantastic ! She needs to pick up her pencil again!

  2. I thought this was a photo as well. Heather is very talented!

  3. wow that's amazing ,she needs to keep it up

  4. this is amazing! love the details
    have a great day

  5. Awesome picture I also thought it was one of your photos, sorry your eyes are bothering you hope they are better today btw Heather needs to pick up the pencils again

  6. Your daughter is very talented! Hope your eyes are feeling better today.

  7. Heather's artwork is beautiful!

  8. OMG - I thought it was actual statue - the shading and depth is amazing! TFS

  9. Oh my goodness.....she is an amazing artist....I would frame every single thing she draws!! :D

  10. She's very talented, I hope that her artistic abilities are being used in some way, if not drawing!

  11. WOW! Amazing art like this should be in a gallery for purchase. NO JOKE!


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