Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Project 365…The Beginning

I am doing Project 365 again this year.
You can check out my 2011 HERE.

If you are unfamiliar with Project 365 (P365), it is where I take a photo every day and then journal about the photo or about the day.
I am pretty sure it was started by photographers to help improve on their photography skills.

I have been asked which page protectors I use.
Actually I don't use any page protectors.
This is just your ordinary photo album…remember those, teehee.
I print my photos in 1/2 size which is 2x3. I can fit 2 photos per sheet.
I then adhere them to a journal block.
I use all different types of journal blocks as well as my recipe/index cards.
I then slip them in the photo pocket :)

I am a bit behind…oops.
As you can see here I am sharing my January pages.
As a matter of fact, I have only completed the month of January.
I put a photo on every day.
Don't look to closely as I had my date stamp wrong and have 2013 instead of 2014…I'll have to change that.

As you can see, I take photos of everything.
It seems odd now, but in 20+ years it will be neat to see the mundane everyday goings on in our family.
One thing I do notice is that there is a lot of food photos, lol.

The other year when I did this, I didn't do any embellishing. This year I am trying to embellish more, but still trying to keep it pretty flat, as I only want one book per year.

For the last few years Heather has looked forward to getting a Cream Egg McFlurry from McDonalds.
Every year we just miss it.
So after grocery shopping today, I took her for one.
She isn't following our healthy eating….except for the meals I serve ;)
I have to admit that I did try a bit of hers. It was good :)

Because of the holiday being on a Friday, I have asked my friends and decided to switch Friday Night Scrapbooking to Thursday.
I think we will have our turkey dinner on Friday so we can enjoy it all weekend, and I don't have to cook all weekend ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful and creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Holy that is dedication! I could not commit to suck a project. Love your photos. Brrrr your Jeep looks cold. It's been snowing ALL da here. Yuck! I'm getting a cheat day this weekend in Victoria. Going for ice cream! Have a great long weekend. Enjoy your turkey!

  2. You are so good to take a photo every day! I have a turkey breast in my freezer to use up. Yippee- no cooking all weekend!

  3. And there I got the answer to my question in my last comment! :D
    It's a really great idea, take a photo a day and journal about the day too! Oh, so that's what the journal cards are for?! Lol, I use them in my planner :)

  4. Great idea!! I don't think I could commit to taking photos everyday and putting them in a journal.

  5. I know I wouldn't remember to take a picture every day, I can't remember to take them on holidays. Your pages are great, thanks for explaining P365. I finished a card and I'm making 20 more treats for the bowling ladies which has been changed from Friday to Thursday.

  6. oh your pages look awesome!
    you know i have never had a mcflurry- they look awesome

  7. So happy you'll be sharing your daily photos, Tracy, the pages look great so far! Love seeing your take on a daily photo project, it's so different from mine, yet inspiring in so many ways. Food is what I take the least photos of, but I'm trying to change that for at least my monthly PL pages. :)

  8. I love p365 which I think Becky Higgins ended up renaming project life, right? Your pages look great!! Heather's McFlurry looks so yummy!! Great idea to fix your turkey then you don't have to cook all weekend!! Such a smart lady ;)

  9. Just think of all the memories you are creating. You will look back, when your old and grey, and pee your pants LOL! But genuinely from laughing so much and not from old age LOL - sorry :-) Happy Easter!

  10. Hmm, this is the first that I have heard of the cream egg McFlurry! sounds interesting!

  11. I love how you do your P365. Especially because its a regular photo album! I have so many of those, but never knew what to do with them! I have to try this!

    The McFlurry looks delicious! I definitely need to try one of year!


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