Thursday, April 3, 2014

Playing with my Copics

Today I played around with my Copics :)
As I was sharing yesterday, I want to fill in my some of my Copic Journal.
I thought I would stamp some images and work on some hair and skin combinations.
I thought this Gorjuss girl image would be perfect for this.
Because I was only focusing on the face, I didn't stamp the whole image.
I may, later on, colour in her blouse…but then again I may not ;)

Another reason I only stamped part of the image is because this is the page that the images go on.
When I made this book (3yrs ago) I had just started getting into Copics and didn't know which paper I would prefer. Plus my scrapbook store only carried the Bella Bestest paper…which I don't like for Copics, it bleeds.
So what I am going to do….as I don't want to re-do this whole book, is cut the girls out with my oval die and adhere them on the pages and write beside the images which colours I used.

Because I wanted to veg and just colour today, I had asked Heather if she wanted to watch a movie with me.
She was a bit surprised as I never have the television on during the day.
I even let her choose what we would watch. She picked Hannibal, the tv series.
Then Heather and I took a viewing break and started supper.
After supper we made Becky's "Fourth House on the Right" cookies. I have to say Wayne sure likes them…or I should say liked…as I don't know if there are any left, teehee.

Ashley came by after supper to do some laundry.
Then Heather, Ashley and I went through the girls computer desk. I should really give credit where credit is due, as Heather did all the work as Ashley and I sat and observed, lol.
We want to get rid of the girls computer as it is probably 14 yrs old and doesn't really work anymore.
Everyone in this house either uses their laptop or iPad, so it is just taking up space. Plus the desk it is on is a big corner desk.
Hoping to get it out of the house this weekend, now that they went through all their things.

I hope you all had a very creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You have had a busy day. Your colouring is great, every one looks awesome. Keep up the good work and fill up that book:)

  2. I wish we lived close and you could teach me about awe! Just beautiful!

  3. Love your coloring and those cookies look yummy

  4. Love how those little girls turned out, Tracy! Sounds like you had a great day yesterday and hope your weekend ahead is good! :)

  5. Gorgeous colouring, that is a super idea but I haven't much in the line of copics but would like to get some colours for hair. I need to practice on hair. heck need to just find time to practice. Great looking cookies, that would be here too, never use a clear container for cookies and put them on the counter. lol. My desk computer is the same age as XP so you know what I have to do.

  6. Great idea to cut those out with your oval die since you don't want to remake the whole book!! You coloring is so awesome :) I'm glad Wayne liked the cookies!! They are pretty addictive!! They don't last long here either ;) I'm cracking up that you and Ashley just observed Heather cleaning out the desk. That paints quite the picture for me. Lol!

  7. Beautiful colouring! I want a cookie!!!!

  8. Great colouring :) and the cookies look yummy :)
    My Thursday and Wednesday were fairly productive--I cleaned up my craft room! Big job, lol.
    I have a big box in there now, with my old computer stuff--got rid of the table it was on, made a lot more room. A while back, I got an all-in-one computer---absolutely love it! It's on my lower counter (desk) in the kitchen area :)

  9. I NEED to come see you for a crash corse in Copics - I still need help in this area ....
    I also only have a few stamps to colour ...
    Must correct that .....

    I made cookies yesterday as well .....

  10. Beautiful coloring. Lol I'm sure there aren't any left, they look so yummy :)

  11. Your coloring looks great! Yummy looking cookies too!

  12. Love your journal and your colour examples! Beautiful and great idea to use your die cut to cut them out and put them in your journal. Cookies look yummy.

  13. Your Gorjuss girls look gorgeous!

  14. I love your coloring, and that is such a good idea about the ovals and cutting out the pictures!

    Those cookies look great! I want to try out Becky's recipe as soon as Lent is over - AJ gave up sweets, so I think it would be mean to make them now!


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