Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ugliest Card Tradition

Soon to be the worlds ugliest card, if it isn't already :)
My SIL/friend, Sharon and I have been sending this same card back and forth to each other for our birthdays.
It all started when she mentioned that her husband gives her the same card every year for their anniversary.
I told her that is pretty cheap of him.
I made her this card for her birthday about 5+ years ago, she added something to it and then gave it back to me for my birthday.
I thought I would show her, and added something to the card and gave it back to her.
So now it is our tradition.
The rule is, we have to add something to this card and give it to each other on our birthdays.
I added the banner this year.
I look forward to seeing what she adds, and she looks forward to seeing what I add.

I did some errands today and one of them was delivering my jeep full of donations to the donations centre.
I used to do this twice a year, but I haven't done this for a while….and I could tell, lol.
We went to Sharon's after supper to celebrate her birthday.
As soon as we walked out of the jeep it started to snow….and heavy.
I hear we could get up to 20+ cm of snow tonight.
Not the best photo as it is dark and snowing.

We get snow every year at this time, so it shouldn't be any surprise to us.
But by this time of the year, we are all just so tired of it and want to see some grass and maybe plant some flowers.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You two are too funny with the birthday card! Sorry about the snow! We most likely could get another bunch of snow. We are already 2 in of precip over our normal average!

  2. Not snow again!😭 we have a tradition with an ugly frame with Dh's brother. We have to be clever as to "how" it is returned (we once had his parents pass it to some new people they had met while in Hawaii at Christmas who gave it to them), and change it up each time as well. I think we have been doing it for about 16 years!?

  3. That is such a fun tradition!
    And what is up with all that snow?!

  4. Love the card idea, my friend and I thought we should do that for Christmas :)
    It's just wrong to get snow at this time :) we just got back from Vancouver and it was so beautiful--I can't wait to get started planting, but that won't happen for a while!

  5. What a fun idea! SNOW! I could not handle all of that snow all of the time. It is in the 80's right now where I live and have started planting already.

  6. Just not right to have winter when it is almost May, it is cooler here than it should be. Fun tradition with the card. We had a Christmas card one year that was sent to the first person on a list then that person signed it and sent it on, perhaps it got lost but it never made it back to the original sender.

  7. so sorry you are still getting snow! hope it is not too bad. it wont be long though and you will be at your cabin enjoying the sunshine!
    what a fun tradition with your card!

  8. What a fun tradition, Tracy! Hoping this is the last of the snow for you guys! :)

  9. Love your card tradition. There's not much room left to keep adding stuff so it will be cool to see how creative you can get. :) Hope that is the LAST of the snow for you!!!

  10. That is so funny about the card! What a great tradition!!

  11. This is such a lovely fun idea! So sorry you have more snow :-( Hope you have a good weekend though.

  12. I hope your snow ends soon. I used to live where it snowed like that, and I remember feeling exactly like you described!

  13. That is such a fun tradition!

    I'm sorry about the snow. You can borrow some of my humidity (its already 90 degrees and HUMID!)


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