Sunday, July 6, 2014

Big Boy camera..oh my

As you know I love to try and learn new things.
But as you also know, I am not technical or like to have to practice the new things that I learn.
Well I have been having troubles with my video camera, I think Wayne fixed it though.
But because I was trying different things to rectify this problem on my own, I came to the conclusion that I need better lighting for my videos and my photos.

All of that, brings me to this.
This is Wayne's old "big boy" camera. He bought a bigger "big boy" camera, so gave this one to Heather.
After about a year of Heather not using it, she said it was just being wasted sitting in her room and gave it to me, as Wayne said I should try my hand at photography.

I have only used a point and shoot camera. A compact one that can fit in my purse.
But once I bought the iPhone 4S, I thought my pictures turned out pretty darn good, so I only use my phone for all of my photos.

I brought the manual to the cottage with me, but didn't read it until our drive home.
I did get a bit overwhelmed with all the photos with so many dials and buttons and features.
So Wayne told me to just keep it in Auto mode until I get the hang of it.
I think I will bring this "big boy" up to the cottage with us next weekend and Wayne can give me some pointers…as I am sure with his cast, he won't be able to take any photos of his own.
I know what you are thinking, such a waste of a camera on someone with no knowledge…at least that is what I am thinking.

Now for all of you "Big Boy" camera owners out there, do you shoot in Auto, CA or manual mode.
And do you have any pointers for a non technical newbie ;)

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Point and shoot girl here...I am hopeless even with that!!!

    I bet you will enjoy the new big girl camera...and you will have family about to give you pointers!

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  3. I think this post called to me. Last time I was over here was when you posted about your newly acquired I-Phone, which also takes great pics!
    Congratulations on your Canon! Don't be overwhelmed by all the features. Just learn one at a time and build on that. I find that's the easiest way to learn anything that is feature-packed.
    I never use "auto" mode. I'm usually in "A" mode cause I only shoot with prime lenses at the moment. (fixed focal length)
    Once you get the hang of if, you'll have lots of fun. I look forward to seeing your future pics.

  4. Hi, Tracy, i see from my blog you wanted some input. i shoot with an Olympus Pen lite. It is a micro 2/3 camera. I am a lazy butt and shoot in auto or use one of the specialty settings. But I am more than pleased with the quality of my photos! I have a telephoto lens I can put on it and quite often do. Curtis has Canon 7D and shoots in manual. As you can imagine he has quite a variety of lenses. He also has A Nikon P & S.

  5. I have a Nikon camera and still trying to learn it. I pretty much shoot auto also. Good Luck

  6. I shoot in Av mode and it's been all about practice for me. I also found this infographic helpful in breaking things down.
    Have fun with your new toy and can't wait to see some photos! :)

  7. Good to hear Wayne fixed you video camera!! As for the big boy camera, I'm the wrong person to ask ;)

  8. Tracy, I mostly shoot in auto but will switch to manual for a few things. I copied all the handouts recently from this free photography course on the 2p's board that is on the photography board. I wanted to have it before it shut down

    so I plan on trying that.
    Then I saw Elise's link in a post above and am going to check that out, too.

  9. Point and shoot here too. DD has a canon big boy but it's ancient. She used it in school and I think you are about her age, so you know how old it is. Back then there was no Auto lol. Looking forward to some pictures.


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