Monday, July 21, 2014

A New Me….well, not really ;)

I finally got my hair cut and coloured :)
Last time I got a hair cut was before Christmas, I don't know why I don't cut it more often..guess it seems like a waste of time and money, lol.
My hairdresser asked me if she wanted me to straighten my hair. I said in this weather, its not worth the time, lol.
It is so warm and humid here today, hence my hair being a bit scraggly, lol. But I love this weather, sure beats -40c with snow blowing around :)
I thought I would share with you last weeks finished planner pages :)
Do ya think I went with the colour orange for this week, teehee.
I am going to have to move the Tim Holtz challenge and getting my jeep insurance sticky notes to next week..oops.

And here is this weeks planner pages.
If you look closely you can see the markers bled through from the other weeks pages.
That is why I like to write on post its, or other tiny note cards.
I could use pens, but I like writing with the markers.
3 birthday's in a row this week, my daughter Ashleys, my FIL Ray's and mine.
I already had a small piece of birthday cake today ;)
Ashley's friend made her a cake and they celebrated last night. When I went to visit Ashley today, I had a teeny little piece. It was delicious :)

Onto My Day:
The only thing I had planned today was to get my hair done, pay the licence sticker and play with my new video camera.
The only thing I did get done on my list was to get my hair done, lol.
Brought Wayne some lunch to his work, as he didn't come home for lunch and was hungry.
I picked up Ashley's birthday gift.
Visited Ashley as she was under the weather.
Went to visit a friend, but she wasn't home.
Went and picked up some groceries.
Cleaned up the house a bit.
No playing with the video camera and forgot the paper work for the jeep's licence plate sticker.
Oh well, there is always tomorrow :)

Hope you all had a creative day  :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh Tracy...I love your hair. It does not look straggley at looks fabulous. I like it sift and natural rather than flattened and straightened with the iron.
    Love the layers and the colour is great too.

    Your planner is the burst of colour on the orange week. The bleed through is what has been stopping me from using mine. I think i want to research printing my pages and using heavy weight card...maybe that would stop the bleeding through.
    Just need to find time to research on Pinterest just exactly what tyoe of pages and system Ii want. I need another couple of hours in the day...teehee.

  2. I think your hair looks great! It doesn't look straggely one bit.
    your planner looks great!

  3. Your new 'do looks great, Tracy! Loving all the orange in your planner, so cheery! :)

  4. Love your hair and planner pages, Happy Birthday to all three Birthday people.

  5. Lookin' fantastic!!
    Your planner pages look awesome

  6. Your hair looks so breezy and fun! The best thing, you got some cake! Yumm!

  7. Love the new hair cut and colour! Plans never stay put do they - as you say though, tomorrows another day :-)

  8. I love your new hair cut and color! It looks fabulous!!! Love the planner!

  9. There IS always tomorrow ;) I love the orange yield, stamp? Sticker? So cute!! Still searching for some non bleeding pens, huh? I wonder if your planner pages are thin?


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