Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Marking my flowers

I have planned to move these lilies for a couple of years now, but when the time comes for me to do it, I have a dilemma.

I bought these in a mixed pack many, many years ago.

I guess the manufactures mixed pack, consisted of orange and yellow.
My two least favourite colours.
Not only that, but when I first planted them, I didn't know which bulb was what colour.

Now how to rectify my problem?
I want to group these colours.
It gives more of an impact to group the colours together.
So first thing I have to do is try to find a way to mark these flowers so I know which colours they are when I transplant them.
Because I can't do this until the fall, the petals will be gone so it will be impossible to figure out which colour is which.
I know many gardeners (which I am not) take a photo of their flower beds for this reason…but this won't work for me….too many of the same flowers mixed up.

Bread clips to the rescue ;)
I have been saving these things for I don't know how long and I have no idea why…a craft project perhaps ;)
But they have come in handy to mark the colours of my lilies.
I use a sharpie marker and mark an O=orange. or Y=yellow…but I guess you figured that out on your own.
Then I put the bread clip/tie to the stem of the flower.
It doesn't harm the flower and even if the leaves fall off, the clip will just slid down to the bottom of the stem… least that is my theory.
I will let you know how it goes in the fall ;)

My dad and stepmom, Doreen are in from out of town and came for a bit of a visit this afternoon.
Looking forward to seeing more of them this weekend :)

Hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Great idea! Sometimes I use tongue depressors from the dollar store as that is how I name the plants at my perennial plant sale

  2. Whew! When you said you were marking your flowers I thought you were going to pee on them!! Lol! This is a great idea!

  3. Great idea, Tracy and enjoy your family time!

  4. Such a wonderful idea to mark them. I did wonder what you meant at first LOL :-) Happy Hump Day.

  5. very clever idea on the bread clips

  6. the flowers are gorgeous, I didn't even get a picture of mine this year.Great idea with the bread clips tool.


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