Friday, July 25, 2014

Defunkifying My whole Craft Room

Hi all my crafty friends.
I am sure you all have the same problem as I do.
You get on with a project and make a bit of a mess in your room.
But do you make such a mess that you are embarrassed to show your room to anyone?
Well this is me more times than I like to admit.

So I came to the conclusion that my room isn't working for me anymore.
If you know me than you also know that I don't like to get rid of my supplies, no matter how old they are, or even if I don't like them anymore.
Because of this, I have too much stuff.

Also if you know me than you also know that I like to do all types of crafts.
Because of this, my supplies end up being scattered around and not very organized.
So I am planning on re-arranging my whole craft room to work better for how I create.

I want to go through every single thing in this room.
Yes, that means every piece of paper, brad, button, stamp and treasure and trinket I own.
When we can't find something, then it is time to re-think our organizing :)

I did a video on my messy room tour.
Be prepared…it is not a pretty sight ;)
If you would rather watch the video on my YouTube channel, just click onto my link "Tracy's Treasures"

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes from yesterday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Good luck with your mess!!! Let me know what works for reorganizing.

  2. OMG good luck I got rid of a ton of stuff recently but then it just gives you space to buy more.
    Chris xx

  3. OMG!! I hear you girl. My room looks like this right now. I have to climb over things just to get to my working table.Good luck!! When you are finished with it I would love to see pictures

  4. Good luck, Tracy, looks like you have your hands full! :) I'm sure once it's all done you'll be so much happier!

  5. Best of luck with your redo Tracy! It will seem like an early Christmas for you with all the buried treasures you will find!! :) I'm sorry to say that I am also like you and don't always clean up between projects and that seems to be when I see that my room starts to get out of hand. You have inspired me to do some purging in my room and reorganize somethings. I am even thinking of moving things into another storage area that I only use once in a while to free up some space in my room. I don't have nearly as many supplies as you but I am finding out that I am slowly running out of places to put stuff so need to figure out some solutions so things I use the most are more accessible. Can't wait to see your progress pictures! I am ALWAYS looking for better ways to organize things in my craft room so will be anxious to see your ideas!!

  6. Looking forward to your solutions as I'm in the same boat.

  7. Well, I can't UN-see that video. Lol! You said you had a lot of stuff, but I didn't think it was that much!! I've seen people use the inside/backs of their cabinet doors for storage before. Maybe you could Velcro some things to them?

  8. Fabulous video and will definitely be following along! I have one suggestion about your cupboard storage that you say you don't utilise properly. I think removing the doors and using them as shelves, rather than cupboards would mean you can see and use everything. Also would mean that things aren't hidden behind doors :-) Just a thought :-) Also on lower shelves that you don't want to see, you could always put a cloth curtain - pretty, covers it up, but still accessible when needed. :-)

  9. Good luck with re-arranging. It's a big task! I did a while ago, but my room STILL gets as messy as before. It's in need of a good cleaning right now, in fact. I even have fresh purchases just tossed on the table, still in the bag!

  10. Hello from a new follower :) I've come over from Karon's Krafty Korner and have just told her that it must be that time of year lol, because I'm just beginning to do the same as both of you! I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to do a before video, but I might do one after it's all done :)

    Em x
    Creative Em

  11. Love you keep it real Tracy! Best wishes for the defunk!! Maybe for your dark cabinet, you can install a simple lighting like you have near your ink station?

  12. Good Luck on your room! Can't wait to see the finish process!


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