Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lily for a Visit

16 months after losing our precious loving cat Rose, I think my heart has healed enough to open our home to another pet.
Rose was adopted from the Humane Society, so whichever pet we get, we want to adopt it from an organization that takes in strays.
There is a new organization here in my town called "Kitty Care".
They take in cats that are going to be put down when there is no more room or their time is up at the Humane Society. My daughter, Ashley, adopted her Sebastian from there.

Last week Kristy, Heather and I went to check out some of the kitties.
Yes I wanted to take them all home.
We went to the Humane Society, but there is an outbreak there so they are not taking in or adopting out any animals until they get it under control
Then we checked out a few places and looked on-line at Kitty Care.
Our hearts went to a pretty cat named Lily.
Sadly Lily's family over fed her, and then because of her weight told the vet that they wanted to put her down! Can you believe that!!!
The vet refused to do that so she was put in the care of Kitty Care.

So today Lily came for a visit.

As soon as she was let out of her crate, she went under Heather's bed and didn't come out.
Carol (the organizer of Kitty Care) told us to keep her overnight, to see how she reacts to her environment.
So I ran out and  picked up a litter box, as they provided the food.
When I came back she was still under Heather's bed.
We let her be, but would go in every 15 mins  to half an hour to pet her. Which she loved and purred so loud when we did.
She still didn't come out from under Heather's bed all day.
Ashley even was surprised when I told her this, as she agreed that we have one of the quietest houses as I never have the tv or radio on during the day.

Then the story gets interesting….
It was supper so we sat down to eat. I thought the smell of the food may entice her to come out.
But nope.
Then after supper, Heather and Kristy go to check on her and she is no where to be found!
All of the other doors have been shut so she couldn't go in those rooms.
But we couldn't find her!
We all looked, even in places where she could never fit or get to. We even checked downstairs..and I know she couldn't have gone down there as that door was shut.
What do we have here, I thought, a ninja cat?!
How in the heck did we loose a cat as big as this one?
I am thinking, I am going to have to explain to Kitty Care that their cat has disappeared and we have no idea where she is.
Then Kristy jokingly says, maybe she is under the covers.
As it turned out Lily crawled under the covers and into a pillow case on Heather's bed….and the pillow was in it!!!
I have no idea how she did this!! Plus it was the pillow against the wall with a pillow inside the case. She didn't disturb the pillow or the made bed.
Kristy tried to get Lily out of the pillow case and Lily hissed at her, but Kristy did get her out.

It took quiet a while, but Heather coxed her out from under her bed with a bit of food and then got Lily out of her bedroom and shut the door.
So Lily had to socialize…somewhat.
Then she tried to hide under the dishwasher door as I had it open.
But only her head would fit under…as Lily is a pretty healthy girl at 21 lbs.
The rest of the evening, she has been under a dining chair that is against the wall.
She will let us pet her, and she loves that. She even let Kristy brush her. But we have to crawl under the table to get to her.
But sadly, her fur is bothering Kristy (this is even before Kristy brushed her).
Kristy's eyes are burning and red :(
Funny as some cats don't seem to bother Kristy.

So with a heavy heart, when Carol phoned to see how it was going, we both agreed that Lily may not be the perfect match for us.
Not because of her shyness, that we could handle, but because of Kristy's allergies to Lily's fur :(
I am going to be so sad tomorrow.
I hope Lily will find her forever home soon.

Tracy :)


  1. So sorry to hear that Lily won't work out for you all, hopefully she'll find another good home. We adopted Pound Cake along with another kitty, but things didn't work out and we had to give the other back. Broke our hearts. :(

  2. Sorry Lily couldn't stay with you and I do hope she finds her forever home, she deserves it. Here the WARF short for Woodstock Animal Rescue Fund puts the pictures up on the Facebook page they have and it's amazing by sharingthe pictures they find homes.

  3. Awh, I think Lily is beautiful, but I know how Kristy feels as I'm allergic to ALL cats. We had a cat growing up and I was fine, but when I went away to college and came back home that first Christmas break, I could hardly stand to be in the same house as our kitty! It was the weirdest thing! I know you guys will find the perfect fit for you though :)

  4. I hope Lily finds the purrfect home. She is a beautiful cat and obviously very sweet so I'm sure she will be adopted. I'm sure you will find a good kitty as well. Good for you for taking the time to grieve before getting another pet.

  5. How loving it is that you are going to look for another kitty. I know it is hard to open your heart up after losing a pet. Sorry Lily did not work out, she sounds like she will be a good companion for someone. I have heard that long hair versus short hair make a difference with allergies, have no idea if that is true though!


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