Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ouch. My poor Kristy.

It was a beautiful day at the cottage.
We got some work done like cutting the lawn. 
Kristy thought she would help. Sadly she had to quit as she got stung by a wasp. 
The buggers built their hive under ground.
Unknowing to Kristy as she mowed over it. They stung her in the back of her heel. 
I fixed her up and hugged the pain away. At least in my mind I hugged the pain away. Don't you wish as a parent you actually could take their pain from them. 

I later flipped some leaves away to find the hive and then sprayed the hive with my handy dandy wasp/bear spray ;). 
Then I had to know what the hive looked like underground, so I did a little digging. 
I was surprised that they built their hive underground with the rain we have had most of this summer. 

We were invited to a little birthday get together at the motel to celebrate Ray's (my FIL) and my birthday. 
6th day of having cake for me...oh my. 

Kristy, Blake and I went for a walk tonight and made it back before the rain and thunder started.  

Wayne and I are off to have a sauna/steam bath. Then I'm going to finish the book I brought. 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and had a creative Day :)



  1. Oh My!! I hope your daughter is ok

  2. Oh no, hope Kristy is feeling better! Other than that, sounds like another great weekend, Tracy! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I didn't know they could build their hives underground! That's crazy!! I'm glad she's OK and I totally know what you mean by wanting to take their pain away :) Are you caked out yet??

  4. Poor Kristy hope she is The weatherman said all weekend was going to be wet here but our days have been sunny. As far as crafting, three down and a few more to go I want to keep ahead. Have a fab. Sunday.

  5. Hope Kristy is doing ok this morning! Those nasty little things! We had some try to build under our front sidewalk once.

  6. WOW - in the ground! You would think it would be too water logged. Hope Kristy is OK.

  7. Poor Kristy! I hope she is feeling better!
    I didn't know wasps built nests underground too...we have a hive by the front door though and it is taking forever trying to get rid of them!

  8. Ouch! I had no idea wasp build underground either!! That is a scary thing!

  9. WOW, Ouch, and Scary! Glad she is okay, I can't believe they build there nest underground. Glad you found it and took care of it. Sauna Steam Bath sound so good right now! Lucky you! Glad you had a relaxed time with your hubby! : )

  10. I didn't know they built them underground. Ouch!


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