Monday, July 7, 2014

Power Walking

No creating was done today.
Well, that isn't entirely true..I made an envelope for my friend Debbie's birthday card ;)
Most of my day was spent cleaning my house….but I really need to organizing some cupboards.

After supper I went for a walk with my friend Debbie. Remember her?…she is the one that talked encouraged me to go in the marathon with her.
If you are wondering…I'm the short one in the photo ;)

Here is our walking route for tonight.
Considering it looked like we were going to get a rain storm on and off all day, it was a beautiful evening, a bit on the warm side for our power walk.
One thing I am not impressed about is that it shows that I burned 544 calories during our walk, where it states that Debbie burned 836!!
How unfair is that!!! I know its not 100% accurate…but come on now!

After our power walk, we checked out Debbie's many flower beds.
Her yard is so pretty.
Actually every house she has ever owned has had a beautiful yard.
She is so good with flowers and gardening.
I told her to make a plan for my yard..and then come and make it pretty too ;)

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. No creating here, i was cleaning house too. You can send Debbie to my house when she gets done in your garden. I bet she would love a trip to MT!

  2. That is a realy power are doing so good with your training...

    The flowers are gorgeous!

  3. Glad you ladies got out for your walk and her peonies are so pretty! No creating for me, but I did print off a bunch of photos. :)

  4. Sounds like you are having fun in your walks!
    Beautiful flowers

  5. That faulty calorie burner counter! Love seeing your walking posts!

  6. What beautiful flowers she has!! Maybe the app got the calories wrong... Lol!

  7. I love her flowers, they are beautiful!
    Lol about the calories...but looks like you're enjoying your walks! :)

    MJ //

  8. Wow now that is a walk good for you! And it's nice to have a gardening friend with a green thumb, hopefully you will have a nice pretty garden soon!

  9. That is a long walk! Good for you. Love the shadow photo.

  10. WTG with your power walk, I had a card for a challenge for Saturday and then found out it was the wrong one, duh so had to quickly make one as we were heading home so Hubby could go for an untrasound,i, it's a possibility he might have kidney stones. he is in so much pain.

  11. Hey Tracy I would love to burn 544 calories!
    p.s. shadows don't count! :-P

  12. Awesome walk! Sorry you had to do so much cleaning. But now that things are clean, you can craft to your heart's content! :)


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