Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Maze Runner. A good read

Read another good book this weekend. 
Started it on the drive up to the cottage and finished it this afternoon.
I even managed a walk. 
It was a short one, but better than nothing :)
I forgot my pepper spray (haven't remembered it yet) but wanted to do the pipeline walk. 
Wayne doesn't like me to walk it alone as  for the bears, wolves, cougars or other wild animals.
So he likes to follow me on the quad. But with his broken wrist, he can't drive the quad. 
So to make a short story long, I brought this with me. It shoots far. I figure if the animal got it in its mouth or eyes, that would give me time to run like hell. Lol. 
If you are wondering why Wayne doesn't walk With me, it's because he can't keep up with me..... His words not mine ;)

Hope you all had a Creative Day. 

Tracy :)


  1. At first I was all, "You remembered the Raid but forgot the pepper spray?!?!?!" and then I realized that you probably didn't take a walk with Raid, but you had that at the cottage and didn't have the pepper spray there - that you had forgotten it at home and not just from your walk. :-) Either way though, very innovative!!!! :-)

  2. Hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend!

  3. Hmm, I picked that book up and then put it down again. Maybe I'll reconsider it. :)

  4. WOW!! You are braver than me. I would never walk where wild animals roam

  5. Nothing like a good book to spend the day with.. I agree not going where wild animals are either

  6. You walk faster because you're closer to the ground, right ;)

  7. "his words, not mine"---Love it!!!!


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