Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Defunkifying my Life Revisited

I decided to revisit some of my "Defunkifying my Life Missions".
The reason, I really needed to revisit my stationary drawer.
You can check out my first post here "Defunkifying my Stationary Drawer"
As you can see it really needed a revisit ;)

I did what I normally do when I decide to organize.
1. Empty-Take everything out of the drawer.
2. Clean-clean out the drawer.
3. Sort-Put all "like" items together.
4. Purge-Get rid of papers you don't need, pens that are dead and anything else that doesn't belong.
5. Organize-Put away the remaining items.

I am sure there are still objects in here that I don't need and other objects that belong in here.
Even though I have been retired from doing the book work, I still think like a book keeper and usually have to many office supplies on hand…mind you what crafter doesn't enjoy office supplies ;)

 Now to find a new home for all of these supplies ;)
I have an area downstairs, where I kept my work stuff, that has extra packages of pens, pencils, white out, paper and such.
So a lot of these supplies will go in there.
The rest is mostly receipts that should be attached to my bills. I seem to have fallen behind on that task these last few months.
I am going to try and dedicate organizing my bills and such on Mondays.
I will call it "Mail Day Monday"…pretty catchy eh, teehee.
Oh ya, the reason for the dish clothes on the table….my table gets scratched very easily, so I need to protect it.  I honestly hate this new table….but guess I have to live with it now :(

I still have to work on my craft room, but because it is summer and my room is downstairs with no windows, I will wait a bit to finish it. I like the summer sun too much ;)

Have you been organizing/defunkifying anything lately?

Tracy :)


  1. Looks great. I have a couple of bins and baskets that look like your before photo! I was working on them tonight...not quite finished byut it feels better to have started.

    Hope you are enjoying the summer, the lake and your special summer family times. We head back to the lake Thursday...I spend tomorrow with the grandchildren before we go.

  2. Looks like my drawers now I need to do mine, the only thing is when they are like the top picture I know where everything is, when I tidy I can't find anything. Hehe
    Chris x

  3. What a difference, Tracy, looks great! Over the weekend I took a little time to ogranize some stuff around my desk. Always love how clean it is right after! :)

  4. Wow - that draw looks so tidy now! I still have a few things to re-do in my craft room, like the ink storage :-), but for now have to catch up on some DT work. It is supposed to rain most of the next few days, so guess where I will be ;-)

  5. Looks great. Now don't you wish it would stay that way. Somehow cleaning seems to be a never ending thing around our house no matter how much I declutter. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  6. Nice reorganizing job, yes, I am back in the land of the internet! Nice to just unplug once in awhile!

  7. I'm sorry your table gets scratched so easily :( Over the years, I've gone with the "rustic" look. With two kids and two dogs (now) everything is scratched here. Lol! I have a drawer that I keep organizing and it always ends up like this. I've given up. Kudos to you for organizing it again!! I haven't organized anything lately, but I need to work on Landry's closet... I like summer too much too though and I think I'll wait until it cools off a bit :)

  8. Great idea of the sorting, I too like summer too much to spend it in the basementand yiur summer is shorter than mine


  9. Your drawer looks so neat and organized now! You are so right--what crafter doesn't mind office supplies? ;)

  10. Great job. I still need to finish organizing from our move-in last summer...ahem...my craft room is definitely not the way I want it. And I'm pretty OCD about scratches and marks on furniture so I cover everything. I drive myself nuts. I have an entire cabinet full of table runners, placemats, and tableclothes in addition to the ones already on the furniture!


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