Thursday, August 7, 2014

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream.

What does a seasonal stamp set (notice I didn't mention the "C" word) and a cloud punch have in common?
A perfect combination to a perfect summer treat ;)

I had seen a card made by "Vicky" and I really loved how it looked, plus it gave me a chance to use my coloured pencils :)
Of course I didn't have the stamp set that Vicky used so I came up with my own way to make the ice-cream cones….and this is where the tree stamp and cloud punch come in :)
I stamped the tree without inking the star.
I fussy cut the tree out after I coloured in the image with my Blick's coloured pencils.
The ice-cream was white paper I had punched out with the cloud punch.
I then coloured the clouds with my Blick's coloured pencils.
The ice-cream looked a bit plain so I added some pen lines to look more like a stamp.

Here is the completed card.
Not only did I like the images of the ice-creams, I also liked her whole layout.
I think this is such a fun summery card :)
I am linking this card to the "Feed Your Craft" challenge for this month.
I am using the inspiration piece for its colours :)

Kristy woke up and was feeling better, so we are thinking her reaction was from Ashley's cat, Sebastian, as he is a long haired cat.
Heather's nose is still itchy, but she says she doesn't care, she wants us to keep Ruthie, which we renamed Luna :)
Even though the adoption doesn't take place until Saturday, Luna is staying with us :)

Blake was over today, Kristy and Blake went for a walk. They ended up at the dollar store where Kristy bought this crawl through tunnel for Luna :)

Luna had a good night last night.
She ended up sleeping with Heather all night.
When Wayne woke up at 5:00am this morning, Luna came to check out what he was up to. Then she kept meowing when he wasn't in her sight, lol.
Luna spent most a lot of the day with Kristy.
We found out that Luna enjoys chewing on cords. So we put balloons in the areas where the cords are.
We thought we were clever as she didn't go near them…until tonight and she started to bat them around…so much for us thinking we were being clever, teehee.

Good hiding spot Luna :)
She kept hiding behind my wall hanging. She even took a nap behind it ;)

I hope you all had a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. An adorable card. What a great idea to stretch a set. So glad you found a new kitty for your loving home!

  2. Congrats on your new kitty! I love the name Luna. I almost chose that for my new parrot.

  3. Oh I am so pleased that you were able to keep Ruthie :-) She is a wonderful tuxedo kitty (just like my Jess). Fabulous card, love how you used things you already had to make the icecreams - fabulous. Hugs and have a great weekend.

  4. Love how you created your ice cream cones, Tracy, super clever! :) So happy for you all with the new addition to your home. I know Luna will love it there and she's certainly a cutie!

  5. LOVE the card!! I have that same punch, such a great way to use it!!! So happy you're keeping Luna!!! She's adorable!

  6. Very clever use of stamps and have to say your Luna and my little Momo (calico kitty) could be siblings. I have a picture of her on my blog too.

  7. What a cute card and kitten. I really love how you used the tree stamp to make the cone. Great work!!!

  8. Super cute card and fab. pictures of Luna

  9. Clever idea for the ice cream stamp! Love Luna's white sock paws!!


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