Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making Paper Bows.

I should be packing for my girls creative getaway that my friend Debbie and I go on every year.
But I went into my craft room and got a bit overwhelmed by the chaos.
So grabbed my Envelope Board Punch and made some bows instead.
There is always tomorrow to start packing ;)

Today Luna had to go to the vet to get her shots.
She went in her carry crate easily and was great during the drive there.
She didn't want to get out of her carry crate though, but once she did, she was a perfect angel :)
It turned out the vet herself, was Luna's foster. So the vet was really happy to see her :)
And was really happy that she got adopted into our family.
Luna was so relaxed in the jeep on the way home, that she actually fell asleep on the drive.

I hope you all had a Creative Day today :)

Tracy :)


  1. Pretty bows, Tracy, and glad Luna did well at the vet!

  2. What a sweetheart your Luna is :) your paper bows are too cute!! I bet you're so excited for your trip!!

  3. Love your paper bows, and great that Luna travels well, Spook does not even a short trip to the vet isn't fun for her. She is almost 17 and never traveled well. Luna looks like she is ready to jump and inspect what's on the counter.


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