Sunday, September 28, 2014

A beautiful day for a photo shoot.

I love when my oldest daughter Ashley takes photos.
She has a way of looking at things in a way that most don't think of.

Every once in a while she will get her sisters to be her models or help her prep for a photo shoot.
Yesterday Kristy and Blake were her models.
And such good looking models they are ;)

Another sweet photo of these two :)
I love black and white photography, it is ageless.

But then again colour really brings life to the subjects and the background.

And then we get these kinds of photos :)
I love that they enjoy being silly.

I love that my daughter loves photography. She is an artist and I get the rewards…. gorgeous photos of my family :)

Hope you all had a Creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful photos and subjects too. It was an absolutely gorgeous day here as well.

  2. So sweet, Tracy, and another fab benefit of your girls being close! :)

  3. Looks like they were all enjoying a fun fabulous time!

  4. They really are a cute couple!
    And great pictures with the last one being a lot of fun :)

  5. That is awesome! She does have a great eye. Fabulous photos! :)

  6. I love all the photos! Awww your daughter and Blake look adorable together :)

  7. These are such wonderful photos!! Ashley is such a fabulous photographer :-) TFS


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