Thursday, September 25, 2014

Scrappy Adventure…Last Day

As much as I love to go away on a trip….there is just something so comforting to come back home to family :)

Not much scrappiness going on today as we spent our day driving home.
So I thought I would share another coloured image I did from yesterday.
I coloured this one up with Sharon's coloured pencils and OMS :)
Isn't this Magnolia image so cute :)
Now to put my newly coloured images onto some cards.

There was quite a bit of construction on the way home.
But with a view of beautiful Lake Superior during our wait was a bit less irritating ;)

The Fall colours are coming pretty.
It is such a beautiful drive with the gorgeous trees on one side of the highway and the refreshing lake on the other.

Thankful Thursday:
I am thankful to have such great friends to spend my time with and have lots of laughs.
I am thankful to be able to go on mini trips like this one.
I am thankful for such a beautiful country I live in.
I am thankful to come home to a family that missed me but was also excited to hear about my trip.

I hope you all have a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I just read thru all of your scrappy adventure posts.
    What a fun trip!!

  2. Glad you got home safely from your fun trip,

  3. Glad you girls had a fun trip and lovely list of thankful items, Tracy!

  4. She's pretty :) I bought some crafty stuff, but didn't create yesterday, does that count? I'm planning on making witches hats this weekend out of foam cones. We'll see how that turns turns out!

  5. Glad you girls had a fun trip and I love your shopping:D


  6. Nice you are home safe and sound after a great scrappy trip and yes Lake Superior is beautiful. Your image is adorable. I did a bit of colouring last night.

  7. Happy you had a fun trip! Will have to read through your other posts :) Super cute colored image too :)

  8. So glad you had such a wonderful trip - wish I could do one with you sometime! Maybe when (and I say when!) Andy comes home for good, I could getaway for a few days and come visit, shop and play :-) Have a great weekend.


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