Saturday, September 13, 2014

Closing camp for 2014

It turned out to be a beautiful day. A bit chilly for my taste, but it didn't rain.
We got everything done to close up the cottage, except to shut down the water. 
We will do that just before we head home. 

We trimmed some trees and had a fire.
After the brush burned down we added some fire wood and cooked our lunch, of hotdogs and smokies over the fire. 
I just had to have a last marshmallow for the year. 
I also cooked a s'mores, even though they aren't my favourite. I would rather just have a toasty roasty marshmallow :) 

We celebrated Joys birthday with our cottage family. 

Took a last ride on our quads. 

Can you believe that I just happen to hit the same stump that Wayne did when he broke his wrist!?  
My thumb bent back as his did, I am pretty sure I cursed like a trucker, but I recovered. Lol. 
We put up the storm windows, took down all of our 30+ solar lights. 

The flowers got frost a few times already, so they are finished for the year. 
Very busy day today. 
Took our last sauna tonight.
Wayne is watching a football game as I am thinking about working on a tag….or just maybe turning in for the night :)

Hope you all had a creative Saturday. 

Tracy :)


  1. Glad you had a great day. You got so much done and got some time for fun too! Well done!

  2. Very full day, Tracy, glad the rain held off! :)

  3. What a busy day!! So glad you didn't hurt your wrist too!! We had a fire, hot dogs and smores last night night too :)

  4. Always a sad time of the year, but looks as if you still managed to have some fun. TFS

  5. It looks like you had a great goodbye to the summer!

    I'm glad you didn't hurt your wrist. And I'm totally jealous of that fire - s'mores are one of my favorites, and I bet the fire smelled awesome!


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