Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Defunkifying Resumed

I am back to working on cleaning and defunkifying my craft room.

I am thinking of adding a shelf to my work desk for more "close at hand" storage.
I am actually thinking of adding two of these side by side on my desk.
I could get a longer one, but I think with the weight of my supplies it may bow.

Onto My Day:
I spent most of the day in my craft room.
I was invited to my friend Lynne's house for a hot chocolate, and to see her purchases from her trip. When I got there she was making lunch and made me an omelet :)
Chatted with a friend on the phone for over 2 hours.
Went for a walk tonight with my friend Debbie.

Thought I would start up my proud Tuesdays again.
Today I am proud that I did over 15,000 steps…without doing my morning walk.
Working on my craft room.

So what are you proud of today.
And do you think I should add another shelf to my desk, or leave it as is?

Hope you all had a Creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks great Tracy. Organizing craft rooms is never ending, isn't it!

  2. I decided I needed another shelf above my desk, so think you should go for it too, Tracy! ;) Great job getting so much walking in!

  3. I need to defunkify my craft room to make room for alll the displaced craft supplies I brought home from the lake. You are doing a great job and are an inspiration.

  4. Looks great! Yes, I think you should add another shelf. Once you add all your supplies, your going to want more.

  5. I think you need a second shelf :) Your day sounds absolutely perfect to me :)

  6. Wonderful shelves, love that idea. I am proud that I have taken up carpet off two full sets of stairs!! Now I have to go back and get all the staples out, at least 30 per stair!

  7. Add me to the list of those who need to defunkify their spaces. I think two of those shelves side by side would be splendid, and awfully darn handy too.


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