Saturday, September 6, 2014

Picking up Treasures along my walks

My friend Becky asked a question on my post from yesterday.
I thought I should answer her ;)
Her question was "Did you pick anything up on your walk??" 
She was referring to my walk around Michael's.
Not too many times I have left there without something in my hand, and yesterday was no exception ;)
I picked up 2 of each of these pretty flowers.
I didn't realize that the backs have a clip and a pin on them.
But I plan on using them for paper crafts ;)
I also picked up this sweet stamp set from Heidi Swapp.
I love these little stamp sets, perfect for my planner, greeting cards or Project 365.
When I went for my walk last night when we got out to the cottage.
I found this tiny bird nest on the side of the road, so I brought it home.
I think it may be from a Hummingbird. I checked out my bird book.
I put it with my other bird nests…..yes I collect them.
I have 6 from around the cottage.
I have one at home in a glass case. It even has a few unhatched eggs in it….but that is a whole other post :)

I hope you all had a creative day today :)
I got to create a bit today….even though I didn't have my basics with me, but again that is for another post, teehee.
We also did quite a bit of work at the cottage to close up.

Tracy :)


  1. Love that stamp...especially the cherish each day. Something we all need to do...

    Thew birds nest of fabulous. It is so teensy. I have some very old birdhouses on my front porch and a linen pillow with a nest on it and they typography print that says NEST. It istd on my bench.
    I want to paint the bench black now so the pillow stand out...teeehee

    I am going to have to look more carefully when I walk as a nest with my birdhouse collection would look great

  2. Pretty! I enter Michael's at my own risk too. Funny on the "Did you pick anything?" :-)

  3. Love the flowers you picked on your walk :-) Amazing the pretty things that you can find on a leisurely stroll.

  4. Beautiful flowers nice stamp sent too, sad to have to sstart the process of closing the cottage though.

  5. What a perfect little stamp set!! I knew you wouldn't leave there empty handed ;) love the flowers too!!

  6. You just couldn't leave that stamp set behind - I understand, it's ok, you just need it didn't you LOL! Love the teeny tiny birds nest - so cute!

  7. Looks like a great multi-purpose stamp set, Tracy! :)

  8. That is the teeniest bird's nest I've ever seen!

    I also love everything that you bought at Michaels!


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