Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Come Learn with Me…Art Journaling…Gesso

When I first heard of gesso, I had no idea why we would even need it in our journals.
Then once I thought of it like primer when painting a wall…then it made perfect sense.

There are different types of gesso in the market.
There is a thick bodied gesso, clear gesso and even black gesso…but you can also colour your gesso yourself.
Gesso can also be used as a cover up.
If you don't like the page you are working on…just gesso over it.
If you want to tone down or cover up the papers you are using…just gesso it up.

I wanted to see the difference in having gesso on a page as opposed to not having gesso on the page.
The left hand side has gesso, the right hand side is plain art paper.
From the photo you may not notice the difference, but in the video it is more clear.
What I did notice is that with the gesso on the page, the mediums I used seemed to go on the pages more smoothly.

There is so much more information on my video.
If you would rather watch my video on my YouTube channel (as my blog doesn't show the full view), just click on the link "Tracy's Treasures"

Onto My Day:
Because me video was longer than 15 minutes, it didn't upload at night.
I had to verify my account, which was odd as I was posting it on my account.
So after I verified my account, I had to re-upload my video, which took another 5 hours..grrrr.
Because of this I ended up reading a novel most of the morning.
But later in the afternoon, I headed to Chapters Bookstore for another journal…yes you read that correctly, lol.

I hope you enjoy the video and hope you have a very Creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Good to know-I'll be back to watch the video:)

  2. Thanks for all the comparisons in your video, Tracy! I bought gesso to be able to add watercolors to my layouts, but have only tried it once. Will have to get back into experimenting! :)

  3. I am not getting sucked into your vortex! My room is full to over flowing!

  4. great post. have been wanting to learn more about gesso

  5. Thanks Tracy for doing a great comparison with the gesso! Enjoy your new adventure!

  6. OK, so great video!!! I always assumed gesso was more like modeling paste and so when I used it the first time I was so disappointed!! I never thought about mixing paint with my gesso either!! Great idea!!

  7. Great video and comparisons. I think the word you were looking for was porous and non-porous. I've heard it explained that way - the gesso makes your background non-porous. Same with the distress paints as I learned with my art journal page :)

  8. Fabulous video and great info! Love the bloopers :-) have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Great video, I've wanted learn more about art journals, Thanks it was very informative.


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