Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What do you keep at hand?

Remember when I re-configured my desk?
Well, I haven't touched it since then.
I have no idea what I should put in these containers.
I do have some hidden chocolates in the top drawer, and my copic colouring paper in another.
But besides that, I am kind of stumped.
The reason I wanted to put these drawers here, was so I could have more of my supplies at hand.
I have put some containers inside some drawers to section off the large area.

So I am wondering, what would you keep in these drawers?
What are your "at hand" tools and supplies?

My post today was suppose to be about my "Come learn with me" series..this one on gesso.
But after editing it and the 4 hours it took to save it to my computer.
I knew it was going to take over 5 hours to upload it to my YouTube channel, it wouldn't make it to todays post.
So I will upload it late tonight, and it will be up for tomorrow post.

I hope you all had a very creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I would put my favorite papers in the center spot like watercolor paper, tags, chipboard. In the drawers I would keep tools, tape, pop dots, your most used trinkets. I keep all my most used tools hanging behind me and all my inks, stains, glitters in front of me. I structured my work space like a kitchen and have a triangle to work in. I just roll my chair and grab. Lookin good.

  2. I keep dry and wet adhesive, ink pads, scissors, twizzers, baby wipes right at my finger tips! Thanks for stopping by today:)

  3. Well, it sounds like you have everything you need there already! lol
    It looks like much of your go to items are already in your carousel thingy, so you've got lots of free space.
    My must haves in my work area (besides what's in my carousel thing) are: my most used inks, acrylic blocks, baby wipes, stamp cleaner, atg, notepad, remote controls (tv & music), etc.
    I love to have a clear work surface but always have several projects on the go. I would use the center shelf to store them. Just tuck them away so the surface is clear but they're right there when I want to get back to work on them.
    It looks like a great set-up, Tracy! And now my ramblings are over! lol :o)

  4. I think I would put in some inks and maybe some pens/markers Wish my desk was that neat

  5. If I had supplies that were beyond arms length, I'd put the items I use least right in front of me and rotate them out every 3-6 months. That way I could either use them or realize I need to donate/purge. :)

  6. I think more chocolate ;)

    I'm not sure...what's in front of me changes up depending on what I am working on and what time of the year it is. I do like to keep a basket full of scrap papers (aka. extra photocopies from school that I didn't need that I cut up into quarters to write on the backs) and post its. I use them to jot down ideas as they pop up and to make notes for everything, so I like having them around.

    I also really like Elise's idea to bring supplies you forget about (I know I have a ton of those!) to the front of your desk and your mind!

  7. I have little drawers and they are filled with my faves! i have one drawer filled with my go to stamping blocks- i have many different sizes and shapes. I have one drawer with my go to inks- my memento and hero arts that i seem to use on all my projects. I then have a drawer filled with alphabet stickers for cards, next is one with my twine, next i have one filled with all types of adhesives-foam squares, tape, atg, xyron x, etc. next i have a drawer filled with my baby wipes for cleaning, paper towels etc.

  8. So nice and clean! You need to come and help me!!! In those drawer on my desk, I have brads, pens, small stamping blocks, flair, wood veneer

  9. I keep, all different scissors. Rolls of double sided sticky tape, craft knives, embellishments and stuff like that :-) Have a great day.

  10. Hi You! Right at hand I have adhesive of many varieties, a couple of my current favourite punches and inks, scissors, bits and pieces for projects I'm currently working on, colour swatches for the rest of my inks and mists, and some small scraps that can be made into labels or greetings. HTH

  11. Looks as though you have had a lot of suggestions, which are all fantastic. I'm a little partial to the suggestions of getting more chocolate :D LOL. I'm also with several others in that I "wish my table looked as neat and clean as yours does" :/
    Hugs - Leslie

  12. The closest items are scissors, adhesives, all ink pads and my Creative Memory circle cutters. Not far away are SU markers, paint brushes and heat gun. I have some under table storage for my embellishments and I have ribbon in jars on shelves above the table that are in easy reach. I don't really use the ribbon as much these days but I don't have anywhere else for it to go and it looks pretty. You might want to see what you end up using in art journaling as that may affect your choices.

  13. Well... I keep as little as possible in front of me because I am so easily distracted :) I have a cup of pens, my score pal and my trimmer. That's it. I even moved my caddy off my table because I caught myself sitting and spinning it one day. Lol!

  14. I keep most essentials at hand. A small set of drawers next to my chair holds things like tape runners, glue sticks, pop dots, all my punches, my stamp acrylic bases, chalks, embossing gun, etc. Then my two desk drawers hold all my paper cutters, adhesive guns and refills, postage stamps, sticky notes, small office supplies like rubberbands, etc. And then on top of of my desk is a carousel with all of my washi tape. Another larger carousel on top of the drawer unit I first mentioned holds all of my pens and markers, scissors, paintbrushes, and misc paper crafting tools. I don't have to get up much except to pick paper or maybe a stamp. At my feet is a tote that holds all my current magazines and catalogs. On my other side of the desk is a shelf where I keep all my stickers, paints, magazine clippings, stationery, etc. I am very lazy so I keep as much at hand as I can. LOL

  15. Have you considered putting your newest paper collections in the middle section, and then in the drawers I would put embellishments that you know you use alot or conversely, older stuff that you want to use up - even if you can't put all of them there - buttons, ribbon, chipboard, flair, washi, brads, etc.


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