Saturday, November 15, 2014

Free Frozen Yogurt…its a good thing.

Today was a special day at where Kristy works.
It was their Grand Opening, even though they have been open since September.
So today, they were giving away 1,000 bowls of free frozen yogurt.
Heather and I went later in the afternoon.
I only took a little bit as I wasn't hungry (as Wayne and I had gone out for lunch).
When Kristy saw that I didn't have much in my bowl, she took it from me and filled it up, lol.
Looks yummy doesn't it….it was ;)

As I mentioned above, Wayne and I went out for lunch.
We went to Montana's.
I order the baked chicken pasta.
I love how they presented it. So cute in this mini frying pan.

I decided to clean, then organize my craft room.
I emptied some of my cabnets and put the contents in baskets and boxes.
This was probably about a month or more ago.
Last night during my Friday Night Scrapbooking night, I was looking for some supplies and it took me forever to find them.
So while Wayne was watching a football game I went downstairs and started to go through those boxes I had under my desk.
See that large black box on the chair…those are the supplies I am not keeping.
I went through and sorted all of those boxes, but now there is the job of putting them away.
I still have to go through the rest of my craft room, re-organize and put my supplies in a way that better works for me.
It is an on-going process isn't it.

I hope you all had a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh my that looks sweet. Good for you for organizing. Either your trapped under your crafty stuff blogging. Or you've made it out alive! I totally want to be crafting right now....

  2. hallo liebe tracy, zum glück warst du gut gestärkt, als du mit dem aufräumen begonnen hast...ach ja, solche aktionen müssen ab und an sein, sonst findet man nichts, heut ist auch noch ein tag, du schaffst das...
    danke für deinen lieben kommentar. du hast gefragt:
    I love the tiny that from a die? ....ich habe sie von stamin up #135853....ich liebe diese stanze auch so sehr....liebe grüsse zum sonntag...

    1. hello dear tracy , luckily you were well nourished , when you started with the clean up ... oh yes , those actions must be from time to time , otherwise you will not find anything .... well , today is also a day, you can do it ...
      thanks for your comment love . you asked :
      I love the tiny did from the a ? .... I have of stamin up # 135853 .... I love this stanza also so much .... love greetings for Sunday ...
      ruth..chen : - ) )

  3. Yum...and yum!! I haven't tried that dish at Montana's. It looks delicious, and frozen yogurt is always delicious!
    Yes, I know all about that ongoing process! lol Have fun! :o)

  4. Looks like yesterday was all about tasty food for the both of us, Tracy! :)

  5. Yummy frozen yogurt. Too cold here for that. My daughter sells that where she works too! I never can find anything after I clean and reorganize.

  6. What flavor is the blue? Looks yummy, but cold!! So this is the perfect time of year to clean and organize that space :) I was in my room most of the day yesterday and worked on the last two weeks of Project Life, and made two new sets of laminated dividers for my planner!! Super excited about those!!

  7. Yes it is an ongoing process. I've got a few boxes packed, and getting rid of stuff, some craft related, others just stuff that's gets put in the room as it used to be our spare bedroom. I think I'm just going to have to get a big bin and chuck the rest of the stuff off my desk into it so I can get rid of the desk. Then new carpet, then my Idea desks and drawers. That room is gonna be full but functional I hope!!! Yogurt looks yummy!! I'm done my art journal page by the way!!!!! :)

  8. everything looks delicous!!! I need to clean my craft room. nice reminder :)

  9. Hi Tracy, it all looks so delish, I love anything sweet. Sometime Football night is a good thing. I love you super big craft desk.

  10. Lunch and dessert look yummy! And yes it is an ongoing process, cause you keep buying new stuff to go in there LOL!

  11. Menchies!! Yum. Love that place.

  12. The frozen yogurt looks delicious! How fun that it was free for the Grand Opening!

    That baked chicken pasta looks delicious! I love the mini frying pan too!

    I can't believe how much stuff you cleaned up! And are giving away - that is awesome! I am in the middle of organizing/putting away my supplies again, but that's only because our moving boxes arrived. I liked how it was organized in the house, but I didn't like my supplies being 1400 miles away - it made them very hard to use!


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