Monday, November 3, 2014

My love of Journals

I love book stores!!!
I can spend hours in them and it will only feel like a few minutes.
Not only do I love to read, I also love journals and note books.

This makes me happy.
Look at all these journals, with all the lovely blank pages inside, just waiting to be touched by a pen..
I would love one of each please ;)

I am working on a new journal/planner :) more to come on that ….if it works for me ;)
As I was at the book store today, I ran into an old school friend.
I thought it was ironic to run into her after all these years at a bookstore, as she was the one that got me into keeping a diary in (I think) 7th grade.
I thought she had the perfect life, and was intrigued that she wrote in a diary almost every night.
The next day after seeing her diary, I used my babysitting money to purchase my own "Ziggy" journal with a fountain pen.
My first entry was in January of 1982 and was about a boy asking me to date him, lol.
Since then have kept one for years in different forms.
I still have all of my journals/diary's, it is one thing my younger sister would still love to get her hands on :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Whata great the bit about the fellow asking you out!

    I always enjoy your journal posts!

  2. I had a diary when I was about that age...but a mean older brother and that was that! Great story though. I always head to the journal are too if I go in a book store. I'm usually in a warehouse looking at the books. It's dusty in there!

  3. I am not a writer, so kudos to you for keeping a diary/journal all those years!

  4. liebe tracy, ich muss doch nach langer zeit mal wieder einen gruss hier lassen, zumal ich solch shops auch so sehr liebe....viele liebe grüsse...

  5. I don't do a diary but I love writing lists. And I love notebook's
    Love your story Tracy.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  6. Kudos to you for keeping up with writing, Tracy! I haven't in a long time, but it doesn't stop me from picking up a journal here or there! :)

  7. I love journals and diaries too :) Abie seems to be the same way. Such a great way to keep a record of your life!! Excited to see your new journal you're working on!!

  8. It is one thing I have never kept! Actually, I lie I think I kept a diary for the whole of 1983, because 1984 was supposed to be the dooms day back then - I remember writing at the end of the journal that we were OK because it was the 1 Jan 1984 :-) Amazing that you have been doing them for so long, bet there are some secrets/skeletons in those :-) Have a great week.

  9. What a nice surprise for you, to meet your old school friend in the book store. I think you have successfully used the journal/diary thing and expanded it to include your blog and YouTube videos for all of us to get a glimpse into your daily life :D Bonus to us :D

  10. I share your love of books :) That book store has me drooling!
    With five nosy siblings around, I don't keep diaries, lol.
    Sounds so nice to have met an old friend! :)

  11. I have tried many times to journal in a diary, even on the computer but it never lasts. I love the idea of a picture a day but always forget the main thing...take a picture. I think it awesome the way you keep up with all the things you do.

  12. What a treasure to have your past journals! I have many of mine but haven't always kept them until a few years ago when I started typing mine. Not as pretty but it works best in my case.

  13. Looks like paradise to me!!! I keep buying journals, notebooks, and planners even though I'll never use them all!

  14. Do I spy a Barnes & Noble there? They do have lots and lots of paper goodies in the same store as lots and lots of books. Dreamy!!


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