Thursday, November 6, 2014

Journal Addiction

I have a love affair with journals and notebooks.
If I see one I like, I have to have it.
The feel, the smell and the excitement of using a new journal just makes me happy.
I keep telling myself that I don't need another notebook or journal…but then I see one that is just so pretty or one I figure is perfect for my next project and I find myself at the checkout eagerly wanting to give the salesperson my money ;)
See these journals here, they are just a small look at my many journals….I have not written a word in any of these ones.
Even though these are full of blank pages, I don't think they will be my last ;)

I am off on another adventure tomorrow, don't be surprised if I come home with new journal ;)

Thankful Thursday:
I am thankful that I have an addiction that is not harmful, well maybe to my pocketbook ;)
I am thankful that I have rediscovered my love of scrapbooking.
I am thankful for all of my adventures.

Hope you all had a very Creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Had a good chuckle at your stash.

    Although I don't diary journal, I do journal my blog posts, challenges, contests etc. I also keep one for phone messages and follow up. I use a journal code method from the internet.

    I just packed a whole box of journals from the $1.50 bins at Michaels...I buy up all the coordinating ones when they clear them out...

  2. I see one I recognize!!! You'll use that one soon I'm sure :). I'm the same way about craft supplies!!!!

  3. Have a fun adventure! Look forward to hearing about it soon!

  4. I seem to have a similar problem, Tracy! We're doing an entire house downsize and I just found 4 unused journals. Have a good time on your adventure! :)

  5. And now I'm drooling. I do love a good journal, and a good notebook too! oh, and a new pen!! Have you seen Wreck This Journal? Abie has been talking about it and I think I might pick one up for her (and Landry and me) looks like something fun we could do!!

  6. Lovely booksess - so precioussssss :-)

  7. I buy a day planner every year, rarely anything goes into it. I have used one for my DT challenges after covering it for a challenge. I also have some of those small journals but I decorate them for gifts.for me it's the challenge of covering them. Have a fun adventure.


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