Friday, November 7, 2014

Parents Road Trip

I am on another adventure.
But this time with my honey 😊
It was an early morning road trip, but before we left, I quickly printed out some coupons. 

Our very first stop was to a scrapbook store in Superior Wisconsin. 
Wayne was shocked when I came back to the jeep emptied was I. 

Our next stop was Michaels craft store. 
With coupons in hand, I picked up some Gelatos. Never used these before, so I'm eager to try them out. 
We did go back again to Michaels so I could use my coupons on everything. 
I admit it I'm thrifty ;)
There is a Hobby Lobby here in Duluth, so picked up a few more goodies....with coupons of course. 
I even found these big brush Pitt pens, excited to play with these as well. 
The cashier gave Wayne his coupon back, so he could use it again...nice. :)
It was drizzling a bit when we left this morning, then the sun came out.
but when we got to Duluth it started to snow :(
We enjoyed a nice meal at the Texas Roadhouse. First time we have been there.
I brought over 1/2 of my meal back to the hotel though. 
Tomorrow we are heading to Minneapolis for the day. Lots of driving for Wayne...a long nap for me ;). 

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Be safe out there on the road, especially with the snow!

  2. You and I are so alike...I always smile when I read your posts...I love my US coupon craft shopping too!!!

    Have not tried the gelato's yeat...but theylook fab on the blogs I know that use them.

  3. Fabulous goodies and enjoy your wonderful getaway!

  4. Love your goodies:)

    Have a nice trip.


  5. Am curious to see what you think about gelatos. I haven't tried them, but they intrigue me. Safe travels, Tracy! :)

  6. I looked at them at Michaels last week, I had a 50% off coupon in hand but couldn't decide what I really needed for using them. they intrigue me too. Take care on the road.

  7. Let me know what you think of those Gelatos. I've been eyeing those at Michael's. Love Texas Roadhouse. There's one right by our house!!

  8. I'm excited for you to try the Pitt pens and gelatos!! Maybe a sneak peek??

  9. I hope you post samples and a review of the gelatos. I am curious about them but not buying any because I just started buying copic markers and need to figure those out first. We haven't had any snow yet in this part of CO but guess we will soon enough. You guys sound like us on road trips. I usually sleep while hubby drives. LOL


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