Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wedding Show

I went to the Wedding show event today.
I was so hungry at the end of it, that I just wanted to cut into this beautiful cake and steal a slice…I don't think the vender would have been too happy with me though ;)

As most of you are aware, my daughter Ashley is getting married in August :)
Here is my daughter Ashley (the beautiful girl with the red hair), with her  equally beautiful friend/maid of honour Lia.

I was blown away by this stunning cake.
I asked and it was a real cake…so cool!!!
Sadly, Ashley didn't win anything :(
We were hoping she would have won the grand prize of over 10,000.00 worth of gift cards for wedding vendors and such.

Look who learned a new trick…Luna is on the very top of the cupboards.
She gets up there and then meows, like she needs help down, silly kitty.

Silly and bad kitty.
I didn't get around to taking my decor down from my crop last night.
I took down the outdoor Halloween decorations this morning and then had to go to the wedding show.
Heather told me that Luna ripped the bottom of my photo booth display.
I was a bit shocked as she destroyed it, lol.
But the background was just a dollar and she had fun, so all is good ;)

I am off to watch The Walking Dead, so I hope you all had a very Creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Have fun planning the wedding. We love to see the things you create.
    I have not seen you at the twopeasrefuge site, are you there?

  2. Haha bad kitty! But a sweet, sweet face. I do love when you blog her. I miss my girl. Those cakes are amazing. No wonder you were hungry. How exciting stuff.

  3. Gorgeous cakes, Tracy, but bummer Ashley didn't win anything. Looks like your Luna is quite the mischievous little girl. :)

  4. I bet you guys had SO much fun at the wedding show! So much fun to plan a wedding and see all that fun stuff!!

  5. Lovely photos :)
    Your photos below are fab too.

    Have a nice day.


  6. You might have been disappointed the cake could be fake just the icing real lol. Lovely pictures btw. Love Luna she is just a real cat. Mine loves tissue paper and regular paper has ruined a few sheets of patterned paper to boot. I can't put a flower on a friend's cards as her Moochie climbs to great heights to get them.

  7. Must be so fabulous, planning all these things for The Wedding :-) Naughty kitty, LOL! It does look as if she had lots of fun though :-)

  8. Your kitty is really adorable. I told my own daughter that if she gets married someday, just elope somewhere fun and save all the $. LOL I wish we hadn't spent so much on ours. It took us 5 years to pay off the credit card we used for everything including the honeymoon. Eeps.


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