Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Early Morning with Luna

My day started out early…too early.
Of course the early morning snow plow was out, so Wayne shovelled for me..but I have a 4x4, so I would have just rammed it over that little snow bank ;)
The reason for the early morning outing……our Luna had to get spayed today :(
She is an indoor cat, but the agreement we signed in order to adopt her, was that we had to agree to get her spayed.
Mind you, we would have got her spayed even without the agreement.

When I got back home went home for a nap…I am not a morning person.
I later brought Kristy to work and had some mail to drop off at Ashley's.
Ashley was at work, so I made myself at home when I got to her place.
I enjoyed my lunch and  drank her one and only can of Coke, teehee.
I also enjoyed some loving from her kitty, Sebastian  :)

Kristy got off work at supper.
Even though I had dinner cooking in the oven, when I saw a sign for Deep Fried Pickles at Pizza Pizza…I just had to try them.
I honestly tried to talk myself out of getting them, especially since I had dinner at home.
But I was still waiting for Kristy and I had a great parking spot right beside Pizza Pizza…and well, I already ruined my healthy day with a Coke, so what the heck, right ;).
I have to say they were flippin delicious!!!

The vets office said they were going to phone me with how Luna was doing.
I couldn't wait any longer and phoned them.
They told me she is doing well, and I can pick her up at 1:00 tomorrow.
When I told them that I missed her and want her home now, they told me I could come and get her at noon tomorrow….I think I may go even earlier than that ;)

I hope you all have had a Creative Day :)
I was hoping to work in my journal tonight, but I have been searching for my mini inks.
I have looked everywhere…but I bet they are right in front of me.

Tracy :)


  1. Ahhhh poor baby. When Flurry was found a couple weeks ago she went straight to the vet for shots a spay. I'm waiting for her fur to grow back. Enjoy your cuddles tomorrow.

  2. Oh man, when we had Dirk neutered it was such an experience! He's so active and we had to try and keep him from hurting his stitches. He had one of those cones and it was so damn funny! You don't realize how quiet the house is without them!! I'm cracking up at you at Ashley's house :) I'm so excited to see this journal you've been working on!

  3. You will be happy to get your kitty back home today!h

  4. Lol, at least Ashley's last coke says "family" on it so it's ok to share with family, right? :)
    Hope recovery time is quick for your little Luna.
    And still laughing at the title of your post below!

  5. I agree with Mary Jo if it says family it's fair game , although no one had better take my last one family or not lol. fast recovery for Luna.

  6. I hope Luna is doing well today and she recovers quickly!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Hope Luna is doing well today_)

    Have a great day.


  8. Glad things went well with Luna. I'm sure she will be as happy to be with you as you are to have her home.

  9. Deep-fried pickles? Never tried them before, but they sound and look good!
    I'm glad things with Luna are okay. Have a great day!

    MJ //

  10. Deep dried pickles - hmmm - you do live dangerously! LOL! Hope Luna is doing OK.

  11. We're fans of deep fried pickles, good stuff! Hope Luna is recovering well!

  12. I love fried pickles!!! I always have but it seems lately they are offered in more restaurants than before, and also in the frozen food section at the grocery store. Yummy. Glad Luna is well!


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