Saturday, December 13, 2014

Paper Snowflakes

Look at all the pretty snowflakes :)
I punched all of these out last night during Friday Night Scrapbooking.
I wanted to use them on my gift card holders.

When I made my Christmas cards, I used Stampin' Up's texture paper…which I love, and used my Cricut to cut out a sheet of snowflakes.
I had a lot of good paper left in between the snowflakes made by my Cricut, and I just couldn't throw it away.
So I got out my Martha Stewart snowflake punch and went to town ;)
The results in the photo above.

My plan was to have red gift card holders and have the snowflakes sprinkled around the GC holder.
As you can see, my orderly personality wouldn't allow for that, lol.
So then I thought….okay, I will still use the snowflakes on some of the GC holders, but I can only use papers from my scrap folders.
Success :)

I usually take my crafty photos in my craft room with the door closed…bet you can't imagine why, lol.

I can not tell you how many times I had to re-set up these Gift card holders.
I think after the 10th plus time, I moved into my craft room and shut the door.
Luna looks like she is really enjoying herself doesn't she?

And then she looks up at me with this adorable face as if to say…Am I disturbing you?

Onto My Day:
Al of my daughters had today off, so they wanted to spend the day together.
So Wayne and I drove Heather and Kristy to Ashley's house, then we picked up a bit of lunch for ourselves and a little treat for later on ;)

Wayne bought himself an XBox One. I was going to get that for him for Christmas.
I swear he always buys himself something before Christmas.
It took over 18 hours for his game system to load up.
So just a tip, if you got one of these game systems for your children, as Wayne is one at heart.
Maybe start it up before Christmas, then wrap it, or prepare the little tykes for a long wait before they get to actually play a game.

I spent most of my day working in my journal…and checking out the internet.
Actually I think I spent more time running downstairs to get supplies I wanted for my journal, lol.

I hope you all had a wonderful and Creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. LOL!! that cat is adorable. They always think everything is about them, don't they. I can't believe the xbox took that long!! We have the 360 and I don't remember any crying so it must not have taken that long. lol

  2. Ugg!! Don't you hate when they go and buy something you were gonna get them!!! So what journal were you working on??

  3. Your gift card holders turned out so great! I love all the snowflakes!! Luna is so silly :) she is just trying to help, I'm sure :) so were you working on an art journal or something else? I can't believe that about the X Box!! But this way he'll be all set for today!!

  4. Great gift card holders! Silly kitty! How did she know you wanted to photograph those? I guess she is pretty smart too! Hope Wayne didn't want to play his games right away!

  5. Also, glad to see that you used your Cricut!

  6. Your gift card holders are fabulous!! I love the designs!! And your crafty helper is so sweet!! The sheet of snowflakes cut from your Cricut would make a beautiful background for a scrapbook page!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Luna is too funny, wanting to get in the photos too. LOL! Love the gift card holders!

  8. Such fun gift card holders, Tracy! Luna is such a ham, too cute! :)

  9. Luna is so funny! Jess does the same when I am trying to wrap presents - she will come an lay right on the paper! Love those gift card holders! TFS

  10. Great gift card holders, and super cute pics of Luna. they do love to lie on paper.


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