Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Sneak Peek at my Journal

I love adding washi tape to the edges of my pages.
I know you want to see the journal I am working in.
I am not quite ready to share the inside of it yet…but soon, I promise :)

But what I will tell you is that I needed a journal to hold at least a whole year.
I usually jump right in to something and then later, let it slide.
So this time I decided to give it a trial run.
I had this planner already and it fit 2 months.
Perfect…..I can start the brand new journal in the new year :)

I was at the vet a bit earlier to pick up Luna.
But they let me take her anyway :)
Heather and I stayed home all day to keep an eye on Luna.
I brought up her litter box and shut the door going downstairs.
Not only was she spayed, she was also de-clawed.
Now before you all go judging, and telling me what an awful pet owner I am for getting this done.
If we didn't get her de-clawed, we wouldn't have adopted her.
So (even the vet agreed) give her a loving home or not….Give her a loving home was the winner.

Luna loves to go on the top of the cupboards during dinner to be with us.
Whenever we are in the kitchen this is where she goes.
I was scared she would try today and I didn't want her to hurt herself.
So I gave her some soft food (a treat for her) as we ate, hoping to deter her from going up there.
It didn't work.
When she was ready to come down, I tried to help her, as I was scared she would rip a stitch.
Well she wouldn't have none of that and got down just fine on her own.
I guess the stairs won't be a problem for her :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Thursday :)
Oh by the way, I found my mini inks.
They were on the converted pool table, front and centre.
I looked there twice yesterday, lol

Tracy :)


  1. You knew those inks were right in front of you :) Luna sounds just like Dirk, we couldn't keep him down for anything and were so worried about him!! He was fine though :)

  2. Luna is so adorable!! She must be feeling okay if she climbed up there :) The edges of your journal look awesome!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Love those page edges! Glad Luna is recovering, cats do what cats want to do :-)

  4. Luna was determined to do what she wanted! Oh, I love Swiss Chalet! Good thing they have one in Lethbridge now!

  5. Love the use of the Washi tape! Definitely gonna try this!

  6. I'm sad Luna was declawed although I did that to one of the cats we had years ago so try not to judge people for it. Our Sheba was a very determined destroyer of furniture and carpet, and didn't respond to anything we tried, even those rubber claw tips we battled for a with a heavy heart had her declawed but this is one reason why we haven't gotten another cat. The claw thing. I'm not comfortable having that done, and that with my husband's allergies, no more kitties for us. My daughter says the first thing she wants when she gets her own place someday is a cat and have no doubt she will do just that. Then I'll have one to visit. LOL Hope Luna has a speedy recovery!


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