Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Mail

I received some happy mail yesterday!!!
Now I know why so many people internet shop, its so fun to get happy mail.
I ordered these at the Crop & Create event.

I am so so excited to get my planners organized and ready for the new year.
This planner (which I had last year) is going to be dedicated to my creative ideas, challenges and and deadlines :)

I won a couple of e-cards from a challenge and as a winning.
Here is one of the reasons internet shopping isn't for me.
If I don't know what I want, I don't like shopping through photos.
Plus I have to click on supply categories and then the manufacturer….if you know me I really don't care about the brands.
Then I find something that I get excited about only to see it isn't in stock.
And lastly the most important of them all…I am a touchy person.
Yes I am a hugger as well, lol.

I wanted to finally use my e-cards before year end.
But one e-card didn't work, and the other e-card I needed to ask a question about shipping.
I left an email at both stores…no reply.
So I phoned both stores, no answer.
I did finally get replies from both stores…days later.
And they were both friendly and one of them went above what I expected.
But unless I am looking for something specific, internet shopping isn't for me.

Do you on-line shop?
What are the pros and cons for you?

I hope you all had a Creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. How awesome.... Hummm you don't like on-line shopping that is my worst addiction, LOL!

  2. My husband probably wishes I was not addicted to online shopping. LOL I get packages all the time, it's addicting. Just today I got some new rubber stamps. It's like Christmas or my birthday all year round! LOL

  3. That is definitely great happy mail! Enjoy!

  4. Fun happy mail, Tracy! I do the majority of my scrappy shopping online because of the variety. I try to be selective of what I buy and use coupons and sales. It's only every so often I'm disappointed by not having been able to see it in person first. :)

  5. Lovely mail:D

    Love your photos below:)

    Have a nice day.


  6. While I do love to get a package in the mail, I too am a toucher and like to feel what I'm getting :)

  7. I do almost all of my shopping online...the UPS man is here almost daily :) I hate crowds, especially this time of the year. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. I do a little on line shopping at this time of year. Usually Amazon for books/cds for Christmas pressies. Other than that, I like to browse the aisles :-)


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