Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I Heart taking Photos

I learned a trick from my honey about focusing on an image that doesn't want to focus.
This is our gate to the back of our yard.
Isn't this a neat photo :)
I got the idea to take a photo through the heart from my daughter Ashley, as she did one like this years ago.

I was trying to take a photo through the heart shape of our gate, but it wouldn't focus on the the trees, only the gate.
I love hearts…can you tell ;)

Then I remembered, a couple of years ago Wayne wanted to take a photo of a deer in the bush, but his camera would only focus on the bush, not the deer.
So what he did was find a place to focus on, and then move his view to the deer. It focused perfectly on the deer.
Because I am still in auto mode in my camera, I did the same thing.
I focused on the trees and then stepped back a bit to get the fence into the photo.
I love how these turned out :)
I am sure it is a trick all photographers know….but I'm not a photographer, so thought I would share with all of my non-photographer friends

Talk about photographers, my daughter Ashley re-designed her blog and is focusing on her photography.
If you are interested in looking at some beautiful photography, you should really go and check out her blog :)
"Ashley's Photography Blog"

Onto My Day:
My friend Lynne and I went to pick up our Scrap for Heart crop tickets.
I also picked up a couple of tickets for my friends that weren't able to pick theirs up.
We then went out for lunch…had some Chinese food, yum.
When I got home, I finished off my Christmas cards, addressed the envelopes and sealed them.
One thing off of my Christmas list ;)

I hope you all had a Creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful photo! Nicely done. My cards went in the mail today.

  2. Ohhhh I like your hearts. I LOVE seeing the trees through the gate. Great tip on focusing and moving the camera. I do that too. I love my camera and taking pretty photos.

  3. That picture is stunning Tracy!!

    I'm not a photog either, but really wish I was, guess I'm not too old to least not yet, I think my next birthday will put me at the old lady age of not being able to learn anything new, or I'll just be so old and tired I wont want to learn! HA! :D

  4. What a cool perspective!! Sounds like you had a busy day too!! Now I'm craving Chinese...

  5. Lovely photo, Tracy, and Ashley's blog is really nice! Hoping to get my cards in the mail by the end of the week! :)

  6. Both of the photos are beautiful from different perspectives!! Love them!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. More beautiful photos! Love them. And why is it I only find out today that Ashley has a blog! Fab photos!

  8. Love that photo!! With my older camera I used to have it in auto mode and if I kept pressing lightly on the auto focus button (just before taking the picture) it would focus on different areas. You can try that also with light on the iPhone camera if you want more light in the picture.

  9. Great picture we don't have any snow left.


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