Sunday, December 28, 2014

What is in front of you?

One of my friends on Facebook, hi Crystal, put a status up asking us to post photos of what is in front of us right now.
I thought that it was a fun idea, so took a photo for her.
So you see my laptop, with my adorable desktop screen by Debbie Mumm.
Our Christmas tree which Kristy decorated…I didn't even change anything ;)
And lastly our television as Wayne and I watched all of the 5, Resident Evils today.

Actually this was my first photo.
My laptop was in sleep mode, as I wasn't on it that much today, and I thought the de-headed photo might have upset some, lol.

Talk about Resident Evil, it actually made it into my journal today.
I drew the symbol for the Umbrellas corporation, with some wear and tear on it ;)
But my journaling for today was more about the video game.
Wayne would play it and how the whole family was involved figuring out the secrets and puzzles to move forward into the game.
Many think that video games ruin the family dynamic, but I have to disagree. In our family it helped us bond, helped the girls with their memory skills and figuring out puzzles.
Plus, I am sure they enjoyed telling their dad what to do and where to go ;)

I hope you all had a very Creative Sunday :)
I worked in my journal and ate too much chocolate ;)
So if you were to take a photo today, what would have been in front of you?

Tracy :)


  1. My craft desk, as I cleaned up, was in front of me most of the day. Didn't want to be outside. Too cold and too much white stuff!!!!! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!!!

  2. I took a photo of what was in front of me for my DD and it was a bowl of homemade chili bubba and a football game. :)

  3. We watched the Big Bang Theory all afternoon and I had the computer tuned into book work. I've been working on it (off and on) for two days and now it's done. I would love to try my new stamps I found in my stocking, but it's nice to have a break too.

  4. I wouldn't have been offended by the headless man :) BTW, loving your journal!! My picture for yesterday would have be of my grandma, or logos, or my feet up on the couch :)

  5. That headless photo made me laugh!! I am addicted to murder/mystery shows/movies so a little blood and gore don't bother me ;) Have a great week!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. I love how the headless photo totally contrasts the beautiful Christmas tree. LOL!!! I agree about video games. It's how my husband and daughter totally bonded, even when she was only 2 or 3 years old she'd sit with him while he played games and would get involved with it. It's always been their thing together even now at age 15. Video game time with her dad is a special time. And she learned TONS from video games. As well as pc games and so on like Minecraft.


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