Saturday, March 7, 2015

Are you a Creative Person?

I had seen this on a Facebook page and thought I would share this and see how it relates to all of my creative friends on here.

I will go through each point and compare it to myself first.

1. I am never bored. As long as I have a piece a paper and something to write with, I am never bored…love my lists and jot down my creative ideas :)  But then again I do like to go from craft to craft or idea to a new idea.
2. In my everyday life I am not a risk taker. I may be in my creative life, or younger years but not any more.
3. I am to obsessive to actually colour outside the lines, lol. But if I don't take this one literally, then yes I would say I don't always follow the creative rules.
4. This is me 100%
5. Mistakes are not in my vocabulary, lol.
6. I am a stickler for rules in daily life. One of my pet peeves is those that don't follow the rules…but then again, I don't follow the "creative" rules.
7. I do work better independently.  I do love to create with my friends, but that is more for the social aspect as I don't get to much done when I create with my friends ;)
8. Ohh yes I do change my mind…a lot. I think that is part of the reason I am a procrastinator…at least it sounds good, teehee.
9. I don't think I am eccentric at all…but then again you would have to ask my friends and those that know me.
10. I don't really think that I dream big. I like to have a simple life.

So if I go by this list, I am not a very Creative person.
So this list can bite me, lol.

I hope you had a very Creative Saturday…apparently I didn't, as I'm not creative, lol.



  1. Haha, yeah, this list can bite me too, Tracy! :D My answers are almost identical to yours.

  2. Quite the list, I don't sound very creative by the list either, #9 there are never mistakes just opportunities to embellish.

  3. The list doesn't fit me too well either! I will take claim to 1,3,4,&7.

  4. I would say I am all of the above, except a risk taker. Even in my crafty life. I tend to stick to the same types of supplies :)

  5. LOL - it can bite me, too!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. ROTFL!!! To funny Stacy! I am so glad to know I am the only one not to conform to this list. Yeah, you said it!
    Bite me list!!! Hugs Lori

  7. Who the heck decided that? LOL! According to this list, I'm not creative at all either. Hmph! :)

  8. Hmmmm - LOL! not even going to go there ;-)

  9. I'm not really 1, 2, or 10 but the rest fit pretty well!


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