Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dictionary Art

You all have been very intrigued on why I wanted an old dictionary.
Well today you find out, lol.

I found this old dictionary at the thrift store…which at even $3.00 was too much to pay, lol.
As you can see it doesn't have a front cover.

Here is the back cover…which I love the feel and vintage look to it.
But it is falling apart :(
Heather suggested I make my own cover for it…and make it into a hard cover.
Which I know how to do, but just want to work in it.

But what sold me on the, too high of price, dictionary are the inside pages.
I really really love the yellowed papers…..even though they are close to following out of the book, lol.

Tonight I did my first page.
I took a word from the dictionary "nest" and stamped my image.
Most people draw their images, but because that is not one of my strong points and I have a lot of stamps, I decided to stamp my image.
The paper is very porous and the ink (Archival)  not only sunk into the paper, it also seemed to bleed a bit.
I then used my Stampin' Up markers to colour in the image.
I added the colour on an acrylic block and picked it up with my wet paint brush.
I also did some line work because the ink made the image look like it smeared.
I had to draw the tree as there was another image on that page that took away from my stamp, so I decided to colour over it and make it look like a tree.

Even though the tree looks like an arm that needs its underpits shaved, lol.
I think I will try and draw my next image and maybe it will look more clear…we will see.

Thank you all so much for joining me today, I hope you all had a very Creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I've used old book pages to stamp images but never thought to use a dictionary as a journal!! Love this!! And LOL the underpits ;) Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Beautiful I would be a stamper as well can't draw at all.
    Chris x

  3. I've pinned something similar to this! Love it! What about the back side? Did it bleed through? I'm laughing about the armpit. ..

  4. thanks for the morning giggle with the armpit mention. but I had to go back and look because obviously I didn't see it. I was just looking at your beautiful page. awesome job.

  5. Wow that is amazing, what a good idea. I love it.

  6. this is super Cool - You are so creative!!

  7. What a great page, Tracy! Looking forward to seeing how your book progresses!

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  10. Just trying once more - commenting not playing the game today. Love this idea. I feel a visit to the book store coming on :-) TFS

  11. Tracy, this is so delicate and beautiful. Love, Love old dictionaries and old maps!!!

  12. Interesting observation of the stamp!!! LOL I'd like to try this too with a dictionary.......


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