Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Come here Deer

When I came home from running some errands I saw this cutie.

 Doesn't seem to be to bothered with me taking photos :)
I have no idea what he is looking for, the grass is covered with snow and won't be visible for a long, long time.
It has been cold here again, so the deer are on the move to stay warm.

Onto My Day:
Spent most of the day doing important computer duties…like Facebook, lol.
Had a check up and cleaning at the dentist only to find out, I may have a cavity (or soft spot) that needs to have a filling…oh joy.
Once I was over 45, I thought the problems with my teeth and pimples would cease, but nope, lol.
Fun, fun.

Hope you all had a Creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh, my gosh, you have plenty snow, my friend! Not so much here, anymore! Hate to tell you, the dental crap continues. Curtis just had 2 crowns!

  2. Great pictures of the deer, hubby thought it looked like a female moose. You have way too much snow, we have a lot too shoveling the drive it's getting to the point I can't throw the snow up on the piles anymore. We have a metal roof and where it has slid and landed in a huge pile has the neighbour in a tizzy, but neither of us can shovel it and the gas man can't get to the meter.

    1. Thanks you Barbara, the pics were from my cell phone, so not too bad eh?
      This is not a moose, it is a deer.
      Moose have huge heads, and are way bigger.

  3. Such a wonderful photo! Grass - now that would be a lovely thing to see LOL!

  4. Wonderful photo! We get a lot of deer in our yard and in our area. I love them (well, except when they eat my flowers). :)

  5. Beautiful photo!! I have a family of deer that romp through the yard in the evenings..I love watching them :) Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Brr! We had another cold spell here, but it's supposed to warm up over the weekend :)

  7. Love that you captured a such a serene moment and here's hoping the dentist visit won't be so bad!

  8. Your little friend was just waiting for his photo session, LOL. Very cute deer.

  9. Pretty deer! We get a lot of wildlife in our yard but never see deer which is probably a good thing since we're in an urban suburb area. LOL But lots of open spaces next to our street. Lots of coyotes around. A mountain lion was spotted on a golf course only a mile from here once but luckily never seen THAT!


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