Sunday, March 22, 2015

Planner Day

Today is Planner Day :)
Every Sunday is my day to figure out my week and fill in my days.
At the start of each month I decorate my planner days for the month with washi tape and fill in important dates…like Kristy's birthday :)
I like to do this monthly instead of weekly, it is just easier for me.

I then add in my Personal, Home and Creative time management for each day.
Lastly I write in my Home Cleaning or my Zone tasks in each day, as well as what I am going to do with my personal time and my Creative projects I want to work on.
That is the fun and easy part…its fulfilling those tasks that is the hard part :)
Do you plan your weeks?

Onto My Day:

I got in my work shed today to cut the wood for one of the centrepieces for Ashley.
I had to move things around…..I have to really organize my work shop this summer when it is warmer.
It was cold today, but I plowed through.
I couldn't get the power to work in there…I did everything and was so frustrated.
I kept coming in the house to tell Wayne, and he would suggest resetting the breaker…which I did repeatedly.
Finally he came outside to help me out.
Guess what he did…..he reset the breaker and it worked.
Even though I did it many times, it worked for him… he felt like the "man".
I was just happy that I got to use my miter saw, so much easier than using a hand saw, teehee.
I just cut enough for a one as I wanted a prototype to make sure Ashley likes them before working my butt off to make them all, lol.

I hope you all had a very Creative Walking Day Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Glad your week is all organized now! More birthday celebrations for you this week. Can hardly wait to see what you are creating for Ashley's big day.
    BTW, the family title was cut on my Silhouette.

  2. Yeah, putting the washi tape on is the fun part. I can't even manage 15 minutes a day of vacuuming and dusting though. I tend to go in sprints. Very cute pages! (and I do mine by week...though by month would probably be easier).

  3. Your book looks awesome!! I love the birthday banner and yummy cupcake!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Super cute birthday banner and pages, I would love to get better organized with a planner but I'm sure they were never go like I planned lol.

  5. I saw this on instagram and loved the color scheme! I absolutely plan my weeks! Lol! I usually tale a few minutes in the morning and plan my day as well, get a little more specific. I'm the same as you as far as my monthly planning, so next week I'll work on April.

  6. Looks great. I like the idea that your task rectangles look like they are laminated so as to reuse them from month to month!
    Can't wait to see what you are making for the wedding...

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing those center pieces!! Figures it would the time Wayne went

  8. You are going to be so busy getting ready for the big day! As far as planning the week - I wake up in the morning LOL!

  9. I need to get back on track on using my planner. I like to spend some time every Monday and list out all of the things I need to take care of. :)


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