Monday, March 2, 2015

Time Management in my Planner

Here are my March Planner pages/
I really enjoy decorating my pages with washi tape…can you tell ;)
At the beginning of each month I decorate my monthly planner pages and record important dates.

I also decorate my weekly pages at the beginning of the month, but I record and schedule my weekly pages on Sunday for the next week.

I have broke my days into 3 sections for each day.
Personal- this section is for me :)  My workouts, emails, computer time, reading.
Home-this section is for anything that has to do with the house. So cleaning, organizing, outdoor work, meal planning.
Creative- this section is for my creative time. Crafting, organizing my craft space, videos or blog ideas.

Not sure how close you can see these pages, but it looks like I have a lot of personal time, but I honestly don't get up as early as this schedule shows. I usually get up after 9:00.
My creative time is the least amount of time scheduled as I start supper at 4:30 or earlier.

Each day of the week I have a chore
Monday=Mail Day. I gather bills that need to be paid or papers that need to be filed.
Tuesday=Trash Day. Collect all of the garbage in the house and take it to the outdoor cans
Wednesday=Wash (laundry) & Garbage Day. Pretty self explanatory.
Thursday=Travel or Errand Day. This day is when I do errands outside of the home or clean and take care of our jeep.
Friday = Forget Task Day. This is the day I catch up or finish tasks I didn't get to, or put off because I didn't want to do them ;)
If you noticed, to make these days easier for me to remember (even though I have them written down) I matched the chores first letter to the day of the weeks letter.

My Saturdays and Sundays are pretty blank, as both of those days are family days. Or movie marathon days in the winter and cottage days in the Summer…..oh summer how I miss thee.

I made a video explaining a bit more on how this works for me :)
If you would rather watch my video on my YouTube channel, just click on the link "Tracy's Treasures24"
I hope you all had a very Creative and organized day :)

Tracy :)


  1. I need to start making lists like you do, maybe I'd get more stuff done ;) Beautiful journal, I'm loving the spring colours!

  2. Good Evening Tracy, wow you are so organized. Love the idea and how you decorate the weekly pages.

    Hugs Diane

  3. Good Evening Tracy, wow you are so organized. Love the idea and how you decorate the weekly pages.

    Hugs Diane

  4. Thanks for coming by again Tracy and leaving a nice comment. I need to get more organised like you.

  5. I went through a lapse in using my planner, but am back on track. Nowhere near as organized as you though! :)

  6. I love the way you do your time journal, it certainly would keep a person on track and leave the weekend for Family. and SUMMER oh how I miss the lake too. (freezing rain warning for us today)

  7. Don't you just LOVE planing?! I've started making a small daily checklist, in addition, and tacking it down in my planner with washi,so I can remove it. Even though I already have a to do list in my planner. This way, if I need to remove it and take it with me or something I can.

  8. I love how you organise yourself like this. I have started to implement your Zones idea for cleaning and instead of trying to do the whole areas in one day, I have broken it down to areas within areas, and do one of those each day. So today, was the hallway and hall bathroom. Thanks so much for the idea - because now I don't get so overwhelmed :-)

  9. Glad you are so organized. Not sure I can fit my life into such organized boxes, though. The grandkids drop in and all is gone!!! Which I would rather have!

  10. Wow, you are so organized!! Your pages are awesome!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. I mostly just use a monthly layout and then make to-do lists but need to start incorporating a task list in my monthly pages so I actually get chores done. I am very lazy and do things as I think of them or feel like doing them, but that seems to be failing lately. LOL


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