Saturday, June 6, 2015

My day in photos...cottage addition.

I heard it was suppose to rain for most of the weekend :(
So what is a crafty girl to do.....bring a few supplies to occupy her creative mind ;)
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The small pink tote is my may have some crafty things shoved in there as well ;)
I brought my craft tool tote, planner, fauxbonichi, magazines, a novel, coloured pencils with gamsol and washi tape. Just in case you were wondering, teehee. 

But it didn't rain, so we did some outside work. 
See the fallen pine needles covering the walkway to the beach?
Not only did I sweep those off, I also edged the blocks by cutting the sod away from them with this fun tool. 
Now doesn't that look better :) 

My FIL and his wife went to Ignace yesterday and brought Wayne and I a package of these delicious treats.
So good.  

The restaurant was open so Wayne and I went for lunch. 
We each had a hamburger and shared an order of onion rings. 
I was way over my calorie count for the day. Wayne said it was the few onion rings I had...I think it was the hamburger, onion rings and that 310 calorie cream horn, lol
So to compensate for my heavy calorie day, I made sure I put in a few more steps than usual. 
Okay, maybe more than a few :) 

I hope you enjoyed spending the day with me :) 
It is now pouring rain....hmmm read my book or create?
I hope you all had a very create day :)

Tracy :)


  1. So nice when the rain holds off until work is done. I hope you got to create although reading is also relaxing. I didn`t do much this afternoon, had to watch the Belmont Stakes and the triple crown winner. Hope to create tomorrow.

  2. I think you deserve the extra calories. You worked hard and walked a long way!!! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. ach liebe tracy, ich sehe schon, für alles ist bestens gesorgt....ich wünsche dir eine gute zeit...
    liebe grüsse

    1. Here is Ruth's comment translated:
      oh dear Tracy , I see , for everything is taken care of .... I wish you a good time ...
      Kind regards
      ruth..chen ;-) )

  4. Looks like we were both fortunate with a change in the forecast, Tracy! It never wound up raining here and so we got to do a lot of fun outdoor things. :)

  5. Always best to be prepared, right? The steps look lovely! I bet your treat, hamburger and onion rings were delicious though :)

  6. I think you deserve the treats after your hard work. Enjoy your weekend away.

  7. It looks like an awesome weekend!! And yum - those onion rings look so delicious!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. The perfect weekend I think...It is so relaxing spending time in the garden! Looks like you are well on the way to working that yummy food off. Enjoy

  9. Your walkway down to the lake looks wonderful. Having a place on the water must be so amazing. I'm sure that you are looking forward to a lovely summer there. Raining . . . good thing that you were prepared with art supplies and books:)
    Great weekend.
    Connie :)

  10. Path looks wonderful and after all that hard work - a treat was definitely in order!


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